Psalms 25:4 Cross References - ASV_Strongs

  4 H3045 Show H1870 me thy ways, H3068 O Jehovah; H3925 Teach H734 me thy paths.

Exodus 33:13

  13 H4672 Now therefore, I pray thee, if I have found H2580 favor H5869 in thy sight, H3045 show H1870 me now thy ways, H3045 that I may know H4672 thee, to the end that I may find H2580 favor H5869 in thy sight: H7200 and consider H1471 that this nation H5971 is thy people.

Psalms 5:1

  1 H238 For the Chief Musician; with the Nehiloth. A Psalm of David.
Give ear
H561 to my words, H3068 O Jehovah, H995 Consider H1901 my meditation.

Psalms 5:8

  8 H5148 Lead H3068 me, O Jehovah, H6666 in thy righteousness H8324 because of mine enemies; H1870 Make thy way H3474 straight H6440 before my face.

Psalms 27:11

  11 H3384 Teach H1870 me thy way, H3068 O Jehovah; H5148 And lead H4334 me in a plain H734 path, H8324 Because of mine enemies.

Psalms 86:11

  11 H3384 Teach H1870 me thy way, H3068 O Jehovah; H1980 I will walk H571 in thy truth: H3161 Unite H3824 my heart H3372 to fear H8034 thy name.

Psalms 119:27

  27 H995 Make me to understand H1870 the way H6490 of thy precepts: H7878 So shall I meditate H6381 on thy wondrous works.

Psalms 143:8

  8 H8085 Cause me to hear H2617 thy lovingkindness H1242 in the morning; H982 For in thee do I trust: H3045 Cause me to know H1870 the way H2098 wherein H3212 I should walk; H5375 For I lift up H5315 my soul unto thee.

Proverbs 8:20

  20 H1980 I walk H734 in the way H6666 of righteousness, H8432 In the midst H5410 of the paths H4941 of justice;

Isaiah 2:3

  3 H7227 And many H5971 peoples H1980 shall go H559 and say, H3212 Come H5927 ye, and let us go up H2022 to the mountain H3068 of Jehovah, H1004 to the house H430 of the God H3290 of Jacob; H3384 and he will teach H1870 us of his ways, H3212 and we will walk H734 in his paths: H6726 for out of Zion H3318 shall go forth H8451 the law, H1697 and the word H3068 of Jehovah H3389 from Jerusalem.

Jeremiah 6:16

  16 H559 Thus saith H3068 Jehovah, H5975 Stand H1870 ye in the ways H7200 and see, H7592 and ask H5769 for the old H5410 paths, H2896 where is the good H1870 way; H3212 and walk H4672 therein, and ye shall find H4771 rest H5315 for your souls: H559 but they said, H3212 We will not walk therein.

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