Psalms 25:1 Cross References - ASV_Strongs

  1 H3068 A Psalm of David.
Unto thee, O Jehovah,
H5375 do I lift up H5315 my soul.

1 Samuel 1:15

  15 H2584 And Hannah H6030 answered H559 and said, H113 No, my lord, H802 I am a woman H7186 of a sorrowful H7307 spirit: H8354 I have drunk H3196 neither wine H7941 nor strong drink, H8210 but I poured out H5315 my soul H6440 before H3068 Jehovah.

Psalms 24:4

  4 H5355 He that hath clean H3709 hands, H1249 and a pure H3824 heart; H5375 Who hath not lifted up H5315 his soul H7723 unto falsehood, H7650 And hath not sworn H4820 deceitfully.

Psalms 86:4

  4 H8055 Rejoice H5315 the soul H5650 of thy servant; H136 For unto thee, O Lord, H5375 do I lift up H5315 my soul.

Psalms 143:8

  8 H8085 Cause me to hear H2617 thy lovingkindness H1242 in the morning; H982 For in thee do I trust: H3045 Cause me to know H1870 the way H2098 wherein H3212 I should walk; H5375 For I lift up H5315 my soul unto thee.

Lamentations 3:41

  41 H5375 Let us lift up H3824 our heart H3709 with our hands H410 unto God H8064 in the heavens.

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