Psalms 139:11 Cross References - ASV_Strongs

  11 H559 If I say, H2822 Surely the darkness H7779 shall overwhelm H216 me, And the light H1157 about me H3915 shall be night;

Job 12:22

  22 H1540 He uncovereth H6013 deep things H2822 out of darkness, H3318 And bringeth out H216 to light H6757 the shadow of death.

Job 22:12-14

  12 H433 Is not God H1363 in the height H8064 of heaven? H7200 And behold H7218 the height H3556 of the stars, H7311 how high they are!
  13 H559 And thou sayest, H410 What doth God H3045 know? H8199 Can he judge H6205 through the thick darkness?
  14 H5645 Thick clouds H5643 are a covering H7200 to him, so that he seeth H1980 not; And he walketh H2329 on the vault H8064 of heaven.

Psalms 10:11-13

  11 H559 He saith H3820 in his heart, H410 God H7911 hath forgotten; H5641 He hideth H6440 his face; H5331 he will never H7200 see it.
  12 H6965 Arise, H3068 O Jehovah; H410 O God, H5375 lift up H3027 thy hand: H7911 Forget H6035 not the poor.
  13 H7563 Wherefore doth the wicked H5006 contemn H430 God, H559 And say H3820 in his heart, H1875 Thou wilt not require it?

Psalms 94:7

  7 H559 And they say, H3050 Jehovah H7200 will not see, H430 Neither will the God H3290 of Jacob H995 consider.

Isaiah 29:15

  15 H1945 Woe H5641 unto them that hide H6009 deep H6098 their counsel H3068 from Jehovah, H4639 and whose works H4285 are in the dark, H559 and that say, H7200 Who seeth H3045 us? and who knoweth us?

Jeremiah 23:24

  24 H376 Can any H5641 hide H4565 himself in secret places H7200 so that I shall not see H5002 him? saith H3068 Jehovah. H4392 Do not I fill H8064 heaven H776 and earth? H5002 saith H3068 Jehovah.

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