Psalms 106:6 Cross References - ASV_Strongs

  6 H2398 We have sinned H1 with our fathers, H5753 We have committed iniquity, H7561 we have done wickedly.

Leviticus 26:40

  40 H3034 And they shall confess H5771 their iniquity, H5771 and the iniquity H1 of their fathers, H4604 in their trespass H4603 which they trespassed H1980 against me, and also that, because they walked H7147 contrary unto me,

Numbers 32:14

  14 H6965 And, behold, ye are risen up H1 in your fathers' H8635 stead, an increase H2400 of sinful H582 men, H5595 to augment H2740 yet the fierce H639 anger H3068 of Jehovah H3478 toward Israel.

1 Kings 8:47

  47 H7725 yet if they shall bethink H776 themselves in the land H7617 whither they are carried captive, H7725 and turn H2603 again, and make supplication H776 unto thee in the land H7617 of them that carried them captive, H559 saying, H2398 We have sinned, H5753 and have done perversely, H7561 we have dealt wickedly;

Ezra 9:6-7

  6 H559 and I said, H430 O my God, H954 I am ashamed H3637 and blush H7311 to lift up H6440 my face H430 to you, my God; H5771 for our iniquities H7235 are increased H4605 over H7218 our head, H819 and our guiltiness H1431 is grown up H8064 unto the heavens.
  7 H3117 Since the days H1 of our fathers H1419 we have been exceedingly H819 guilty H3117 unto this day; H5771 and for our iniquities H4428 have we, our kings, H3548 and our priests, H5414 been delivered H3027 into the hand H4428 of the kings H776 of the lands, H2719 to the sword, H7628 to captivity, H961 and to plunder, H1322 and to confusion H6440 of face, H3117 as it is this day.

Nehemiah 1:7

  7 H2254 we have dealt very H2254 corruptly H8104 against thee, and have not kept H4687 the commandments, H2706 nor the statutes, H4941 nor the ordinances, H6680 which thou commandedst H5650 thy servant H4872 Moses.

Nehemiah 9:16

  16 H1 But they and our fathers H2102 dealt proudly H7185 and hardened H6203 their neck, H8085 and hearkened H4687 not to thy commandments,

Nehemiah 9:32-34

  32 H430 Now therefore, our God, H1419 the great, H1368 the mighty, H3372 and the terrible H410 God, H8104 who keepest H1285 covenant H2617 and lovingkindness, H8513 let not all the travail H4591 seem little H6440 before H4672 thee, that hath come H4428 upon us, on our kings, H8269 on our princes, H3548 and on our priests, H5030 and on our prophets, H1 and on our fathers, H5971 and on all thy people, H3117 since the time H4428 of the kings H804 of Assyria H3117 unto this day.
  33 H6662 Howbeit thou art just H935 in all that is come H6213 upon us; for thou hast dealt H6213 truly, but we have done H7561 wickedly;
  34 H4428 neither have our kings, H8269 our princes, H3548 our priests, H1 nor our fathers, H6213 kept H8451 thy law, H7181 nor hearkened H4687 unto thy commandments H5715 and thy testimonies H5749 wherewith thou didst testify against them.

Psalms 78:8

  8 H1 And might not be as their fathers, H5637 A stubborn H4784 and rebellious H1755 generation, H1755 A generation H3559 that set H3820 not their heart H3559 aright, H7307 And whose spirit H539 was not stedfast H410 with God.

Jeremiah 3:25

  25 H7901 Let us lie down H1322 in our shame, H3639 and let our confusion H3680 cover H2398 us; for we have sinned H3068 against Jehovah H430 our God, H1 we and our fathers, H5271 from our youth H3117 even unto this day; H8085 and we have not obeyed H6963 the voice H3068 of Jehovah H430 our God.

Daniel 9:5-8

  5 H2398 we have sinned, H5753 and have dealt perversely, H7561 and have done wickedly, H4775 and have rebelled, H5493 even turning aside H4687 from thy precepts H4941 and from thine ordinances;
  6 H8085 neither have we hearkened H5650 unto thy servants H5030 the prophets, H1696 that spake H8034 in thy name H4428 to our kings, H8269 our princes, H1 and our fathers, H5971 and to all the people H776 of the land.
  7 H136 O Lord, H6666 righteousness H1322 belongeth unto thee, but unto us confusion H6440 of face, H3117 as at this day; H376 to the men H3063 of Judah, H3427 and to the inhabitants H3389 of Jerusalem, H3478 and unto all Israel, H7138 that are near, H7350 and that are far off, H776 through all the countries H5080 whither thou hast driven H4604 them, because of their trespass H4603 that they have trespassed against thee.
  8 H136 O Lord, H1322 to us belongeth confusion H6440 of face, H4428 to our kings, H8269 to our princes, H1 and to our fathers, H2398 because we have sinned against thee.

Matthew 23:32

  32 G4137 Fill G5210 ye G4137 up G2532 then G3358 the measure G3962 of G5216 your G3962 fathers.

Acts 7:51-52

  51 G5210 Ye G4644 stiffnecked G2532 and G564 uncircumcised G2588 in heart G2532 and G3775 ears, G496 ye do G104 always G496 resist G4151 the G40 Holy G4151 Spirit: G5613 as G5216 your G3962 fathers G2532 did, so G5210 do ye.
  52 G5101 Which G4396 of the prophets G1377 did G3756 not G5216 your G3962 fathers G1377 persecute? G2532 and G615 they killed G3588 them that G4293 showed before G4012 of G1660 the coming G1342 of the Righteous One; G3739 of whom G5210 ye G3568 have now G1096 become G4273 betrayers G2532 and G5406 murderers;

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