Judges 17:4 Cross References - ASV_Strongs

  4 H7725 And when he restored H3701 the money H517 unto his mother, H517 his mother H3947 took H3967 two hundred H3701 pieces of silver, H5414 and gave H6884 them to the founder, H6213 who made H6459 thereof a graven image H4541 and a molten image: H1004 and it was in the house H4321 of Micah.

Isaiah 46:6-7

  6 H2107 Such as lavish H2091 gold H3599 out of the bag, H8254 and weigh H3701 silver H7070 in the balance, H7936 they hire H6884 a goldsmith, H6213 and he maketh H410 it a god; H5456 they fall down, H7812 yea, they worship.
  7 H5375 They bear H3802 it upon the shoulder, H5445 they carry H3240 it, and set it in its place, H5975 and it standeth, H4725 from its place H4185 shall it not remove: H6817 yea, one may cry H6030 unto it, yet can it not answer, H3467 nor save H6869 him out of his trouble.

Jeremiah 10:9-10

  9 H3701 There is silver H7554 beaten into plates, H935 which is brought H8659 from Tarshish, H2091 and gold H210 from Uphaz, H4639 the work H2796 of the artificer H3027 and of the hands H6884 of the goldsmith; H8504 blue H713 and purple H3830 for their clothing; H4639 they are all the work H2450 of skilful men.
  10 H3068 But Jehovah H571 is the true H430 God; H2416 he is the living H430 God, H5769 and an everlasting H4428 King: H7110 at his wrath H776 the earth H7493 trembleth, H1471 and the nations H3557 are not able to abide H2195 his indignation.

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