Genesis 41:8 Cross References - ASV_Strongs

  8 H1242 And it came to pass in the morning H7307 that his spirit H6470 was troubled; H7971 and he sent H7121 and called H2748 for all the magicians H4714 of Egypt, H2450 and all the wise men H6547 thereof: and Pharaoh H5608 told H2472 them his dream; H6622 but there was none that could interpret H6547 them unto Pharaoh.

Genesis 40:6

  6 H3130 And Joseph H935 came in H1242 unto them in the morning, H7200 and saw H2196 them, and, behold, they were sad.

Genesis 40:8

  8 H559 And they said H2492 unto him, We have dreamed H2472 a dream, H6622 and there is none that can interpret H3130 it. And Joseph H559 said H6623 unto them, Do not interpretations H430 belong to God? H5608 tell it me, I pray you.

Exodus 7:11

  11 H6547 Then Pharaoh H7121 also called H2450 for the wise men H3784 and the sorcerers: H2748 and they also, the magicians H4714 of Egypt, H6213 did H3651 in like manner H3858 with their enchantments.

Exodus 7:22

  22 H2748 And the magicians H4714 of Egypt H6213 did H3909 in like manner with their enchantments: H6547 and Pharaoh's H3820 heart H2388 was hardened, H8085 and he hearkened H3068 not unto them; as Jehovah H1696 had spoken.

Exodus 8:7

  7 H2748 And the magicians H6213 did H3909 in like manner with their enchantments, H5927 and brought up H6854 frogs H776 upon the land H4714 of Egypt.

Exodus 8:18-19

  18 H2748 And the magicians H6213 did H3909 so with their enchantments H3318 to bring forth H3654 lice, H3201 but they could H3654 not: and there were lice H120 upon man, H929 and upon beast.
  19 H2748 Then the magicians H559 said H6547 unto Pharaoh, H676 This is the finger H430 of God: H6547 and Pharaoh's H3820 heart H2388 was hardened, H8085 and he hearkened H3068 not unto them; as Jehovah H1696 had spoken.

Exodus 9:11

  11 H2748 And the magicians H3201 could H5975 not stand H6440 before H4872 Moses H6440 because H7822 of the boils; H7822 for the boils H2748 were upon the magicians, H4714 and upon all the Egyptians.

Leviticus 19:31

  31 H6437 Turn H178 ye not unto them that have familiar spirits, H3049 nor unto the wizards; H1245 seek H2930 them not out, to be defiled H3068 by them: I am Jehovah H430 your God.

Leviticus 20:6

  6 H5315 And the soul H6437 that turneth H413 unto H178 them that have familiar spirits, H310 and unto H3049 the wizards, H2181 to play the harlot H310 after H5414 them, I will even set H6440 my face H5315 against that soul, H3772 and will cut him off H7130 from among H5971 his people.

Deuteronomy 18:9-14

  9 H935 When thou art come H776 into the land H3068 which Jehovah H430 thy God H5414 giveth H3925 thee, thou shalt not learn H6213 to do H8441 after the abominations H1471 of those nations.
  10 H4672 There shall not be found H1121 with thee any one that maketh his son H1323 or his daughter H5674 to pass H784 through the fire, H7080 one that useth H7081 divination, H6049 one that practiseth augury, H5172 or an enchanter, H3784 or a sorcerer,
  11 H2266 or a charmer, H7592 or a consulter H178 with a familiar spirit, H3049 or a wizard, H1875 or a necromancer.
  12 H6213 For whosoever doeth H8441 these things is an abomination H3068 unto Jehovah: H1558 and because H8441 of these abominations H3068 Jehovah H430 thy God H3423 doth drive them out H6440 from before thee.
  13 H8549 Thou shalt be perfect H3068 with Jehovah H430 thy God.
  14 H1471 For these nations, H3423 that thou shalt dispossess, H8085 hearken H6049 unto them that practise augury, H7080 and unto diviners; H3068 but as for thee, Jehovah H430 thy God H5414 hath not suffered thee so to do.

Job 5:12-13

  12 H6565 He frustrateth H4284 the devices H6175 of the crafty, H3027 So that their hands H6213 cannot perform H8454 their enterprise.
  13 H3920 He taketh H2450 the wise H6193 in their own craftiness; H6098 And the counsel H6617 of the cunning H4116 is carried headlong.

Psalms 25:14

  14 H5475 The friendship H3068 of Jehovah H3373 is with them that fear H3045 him; And he will show H1285 them his covenant.

Isaiah 8:19

  19 H559 And when they shall say H1875 unto you, Seek H178 unto them that have familiar spirits H3049 and unto the wizards, H6850 that chirp H1897 and that mutter: H5971 should not a people H1875 seek H430 unto their God? H2416 on behalf of the living H4191 should they seek unto the dead?

Isaiah 19:3

  3 H7307 And the spirit H4714 of Egypt H1238 shall fail H7130 in the midst H1104 of it; and I will destroy H6098 the counsel H1875 thereof: and they shall seek H457 unto the idols, H328 and to the charmers, H178 and to them that have familiar spirits, H3049 and to the wizards.

Isaiah 19:11-13

  11 H8269 The princes H6814 of Zoan H191 are utterly foolish; H6098 the counsel H2450 of the wisest H3289 counsellors H6547 of Pharaoh H1197 is become brutish: H559 how say H6547 ye unto Pharaoh, H1121 I am the son H2450 of the wise, H1121 the son H6924 of ancient H4428 kings?
  12 H335 Where H645 then H2450 are thy wise H5046 men? and let them tell H3045 thee now; and let them know H3068 what Jehovah H6635 of hosts H3289 hath purposed H4714 concerning Egypt.
  13 H8269 The princes H6814 of Zoan H2973 are become fools, H8269 the princes H5297 of Memphis H5377 are deceived; H4714 they have caused Egypt H8582 to go astray, H6438 that are the corner-stone H7626 of her tribes.

Isaiah 29:14

  14 H3254 therefore, behold, I will proceed H6381 to do a marvellous work H5971 among this people, H6381 even a marvellous work H6382 and a wonder; H2451 and the wisdom H2450 of their wise H6 men shall perish, H998 and the understanding H995 of their prudent H5641 men shall be hid.

Isaiah 47:12-13

  12 H5975 Stand H2267 now with thine enchantments, H7230 and with the multitude H3785 of thy sorceries, H834 wherein H3021 thou hast labored H5271 from thy youth; H3201 if so be thou shalt be able H3276 to profit, H6206 if so be thou mayest prevail.
  13 H3811 Thou art wearied H7230 in the multitude H6098 of thy counsels: H1895 let now the astrologers, H2374 the star-gazers, H2320 the monthly H3045 prognosticators, H5975 stand up, H3467 and save H935 thee from the things that shall come upon thee.

Daniel 1:20

  20 H1697 And in every matter H2451 of wisdom H998 and understanding, H4428 concerning which the king H1245 inquired H4672 of them, he found H6235 them ten times H3027 better H2748 than all the magicians H825 and enchanters H4438 that were in all his realm.

Daniel 2:1-11

  1 H8147 And in the second H8141 year H4438 of the reign H5019 of Nebuchadnezzar, H5019 Nebuchadnezzar H2492 dreamed H2472 dreams; H7307 and his spirit H6470 was troubled, H8142 and his sleep H1961 went from him.
  2 H4428 Then the king H559 commanded H7121 to call H2748 the magicians, H825 and the enchanters, H3784 and the sorcerers, H3778 and the Chaldeans, H5046 to tell H4428 the king H2472 his dreams. H935 So they came H5975 in and stood H6440 before H4428 the king.
  3 H4428 And the king H559 said H2492 unto them, I have dreamed H2472 a dream, H7307 and my spirit H6470 is troubled H3045 to know H2472 the dream.
  4 H1696 Then spake H3778 the Chaldeans H4428 to the king H762 in the Syrian language, H4430 O king, H2418 live H5957 for ever: H560 tell H5649 thy servants H2493 the dream, H2324 and we will show H6591 the interpretation.
  5 H4430 The king H6032 answered H560 and said H3779 to the Chaldeans, H4406 The thing H230 is gone H4481 from me: H2006 if H3809 ye make not H3046 known H2493 unto me the dream H6591 and the interpretation H5648 thereof, ye shall be cut H1917 in pieces, H1005 and your houses H7761 shall be made H5122 a dunghill.
  6 H2006 But if H2324 ye show H2493 the dream H6591 and the interpretation H6902 thereof, ye shall receive H4481 of H6925 me H4978 gifts H5023 and rewards H7690 and great H3367 honor: H3861 therefore H2324 show H2493 me the dream H6591 and the interpretation thereof.
  7 H6032 They answered H8579 the second H560 time and said, H4430 Let the king H560 tell H5649 his servants H2493 the dream, H2324 and we will show H6591 the interpretation.
  8 H4430 The king H6032 answered H560 and said, H576 I H3046 know H4481 of H3330 a certainty H608 that ye H2084 would gain H5732 time, H6903 because H2370 ye see H4406 the thing H230 is gone H4481 from me.
  9 H2006 But if H3809 ye make not H3046 known H2493 unto me the dream, H1932 there is but one H1882 law H2164 for you; for ye have prepared H3538 lying H7844 and corrupt H4406 words H560 to speak H6925 before H5705 me, till H5732 the time H8133 be changed: H3861 therefore H560 tell H2493 me the dream, H3046 and I shall know H1768 that H2324 ye can show H6591 me the interpretation thereof.
  10 H3779 The Chaldeans H6032 answered H6925 before H4430 the king, H560 and said, H383 There is H3809 not H606 a man H5922 upon H3007 the earth H3202 that can H2324 show H4430 the king's H4406 matter, H6903 forasmuch H3809 as no H4430 king, H7229 lord, H7990 or ruler, H7593 hath asked H1836 such H4406 a thing H3606 of any H2749 magician, H826 or enchanter, H3779 or Chaldean.
  11 H3358 And it is a rare H4406 thing H4430 that the king H7593 requireth, H383 and there is H3809 no H321 other H2324 that can show H6925 it before H4430 the king, H3861 except H426 the gods, H4070 whose dwelling H383 is H3809 not H5974 with H1321 flesh.

Daniel 2:27-28

  27 H1841 Daniel H6032 answered H6925 before H4430 the king, H560 and said, H7328 The secret H4430 which the king H7593 hath demanded H3202 can neither H2445 wise H826 men, enchanters, H2749 magicians, H1505 nor soothsayers, H2324 show H4430 unto the king;
  28 H1297 but H383 there is H426 a God H8065 in heaven H1541 that revealeth H7328 secrets, H3046 and he hath made known H4430 to the king H5020 Nebuchadnezzar H4101 what H1934 shall be H320 in the latter H3118 days. H2493 Thy dream, H2376 and the visions H7217 of thy head H5922 upon H4903 thy bed, H1836 are these:

Daniel 4:5

  5 H2370 I saw H2493 a dream H1763 which made me afraid; H2031 and the thoughts H5922 upon H4903 my bed H2376 and the visions H7217 of my head H927 troubled me.

Daniel 4:7

  7 H116 Then H5954 came H2749 in the magicians, H826 the enchanters, H3779 the Chaldeans, H1505 and the soothsayers; H576 and I H560 told H2493 the dream H6925 before H3809 them; but they did not H3046 make known H6591 unto me the interpretation thereof.

Daniel 4:19

  19 H116 Then H1841 Daniel, H8036 whose name H1096 was Belteshazzar, H8075 was stricken dumb H2298 for a H8160 while, H7476 and his thoughts H927 troubled H4430 him. The king H560 answered H6032 and said, H1096 Belteshazzar, H409 let not H2493 the dream, H6591 or the interpretation, H927 trouble H1096 thee. Belteshazzar H6032 answered H560 and said, H4756 My lord, H2493 the dream H8131 be to them that hate H6591 thee, and the interpretation H6146 thereof to thine adversaries.

Daniel 5:6-8

  6 H116 Then H4430 the king's H2122 countenance H8133 was changed H7476 in him, and his thoughts H927 troubled H7001 him; and the joints H2783 of his loins H8271 were loosed, H755 and his knees H5368 smote H1668 one H1668 against another.
  7 H4430 The king H7123 cried H2429 aloud H5954 to bring H826 in the enchanters, H3779 the Chaldeans, H1505 and the soothsayers. H4430 The king H6032 spake H560 and said H2445 to the wise H895 men of Babylon, H606 Whosoever H7123 shall read H1836 this H3792 writing, H2324 and show H6591 me the interpretation H3848 thereof, shall be clothed H711 with purple, H2002 and have a chain H1722 of gold H5922 about H6676 his neck, H8523 and shall be the third H7981 ruler H4437 in the kingdom.
  8 H116 Then H5954 came H3606 in all H4430 the king's H2445 wise H3546 men; but they could H3809 not H7123 read H3792 the writing, H3046 nor make known H4430 to the king H6591 the interpretation.

Daniel 5:11

  11 H383 There is H1400 a man H4437 in thy kingdom, H7308 in whom is the spirit H6922 of the holy H426 gods; H3118 and in the days H2 of thy father H5094 light H7924 and understanding H2452 and wisdom, H2452 like the wisdom H426 of the gods, H7912 were found H4430 in him; and the king H5020 Nebuchadnezzar H2 thy father, H4430 the king, H2 I say, thy father, H6966 made H7229 him master H2749 of the magicians, H826 enchanters, H3779 Chaldeans, H1505 and soothsayers;

Daniel 7:28

  28 H5705 Here H5491 is the end H4406 of the matter. H576 As for me, H1841 Daniel, H7690 my thoughts much H927 troubled H5922 me, H2122 and my countenance H8133 was changed H5922 in me: H5202 but I kept H4406 the matter H3821 in my heart.

Daniel 8:27

  27 H1840 And I, Daniel, H1961 fainted, H2470 and was sick H3117 certain days; H6965 then I rose up, H6213 and did H4428 the king's H4399 business: H8074 and I wondered H4758 at the vision, H995 but none understood it.

Habakkuk 3:16

  16 H8085 I heard, H990 and my body H7264 trembled, H8193 My lips H6750 quivered H6963 at the voice; H7538 Rottenness H935 entereth H6106 into my bones, H7264 and I tremble H5117 in my place; Because I must wait quietly H3117 for the day H6869 of trouble, H5927 For the coming up H5971 of the people H1464 that invadeth us.

Matthew 2:1

  1 G1161 Now when G2424 Jesus G1080 was born G1722 in G965 Bethlehem G2449 of Judaea G1722 in G2250 the days G2264 of Herod G935 the king, G2400 behold, G3097 Wise-men G575 from G395 the east G3854 came G1519 to G2414 Jerusalem, saying,

Acts 7:22

  22 G2532 And G3475 Moses G3811 was instructed G3956 in all G4678 the wisdom G124 of the Egyptians; G1161 and G2258 he was G1415 mighty G1722 in G3056 his words G2532 and G1722   G2041 works.

Acts 17:18

  18 G1161 And G5100 certain G1946 also of the Epicurean G2532 and G4770 Stoic G5386 philosophers G4820 encountered G846 him. G2532 And G5100 some G3004 said, G5101 What G302   G2309 would G3778 this G4691 babbler G1161 say? G3588 others, G1380 He seemeth G1511 to be G2604 a setter forth G3581 of strange G1140 gods: G3754 because G2097 he preached G846   G2424 Jesus G2532 and G386 the resurrection.

1 Corinthians 1:19

  19 G1063 For G1125 it is written, G622 I will destroy G4678 the wisdom G4680 of the wise, G2532 And G4907 the discernment G4908 of the discerning G114 will I bring to nought.

1 Corinthians 3:18-20

  18 G1818 Let G3367 no man G1818 deceive G1438 himself. G1487 If G5100 any man G1380 thinketh G1511 that he is G4680 wise G1722 among G5213 you G1722 in G5129 this G165 world, G1096 let him become G3474 a fool, G2443 that G1096 he may become G4680 wise.
  19 G1063 For G4678 the wisdom G5127 of this G2889 world G2076 is G3472 foolishness G3844 with G2316 God. G1063 For G1125 it is written, G1405 He that taketh G4680 the wise G1722 in G3834 their craftiness:
  20 G2532 and G3825 again, G2962 The Lord G1097 knoweth G3152 the reasonings G4680 of the wise G3754 that G1526 they are G3152 vain.

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