Genesis 41:40 Cross References - ASV_Strongs

  40 H1961 thou shalt be H1004 over my house, H6310 and according unto thy word H5971 shall all my people H5401 be ruled: H3678 only in the throne H1431 will I be greater than thou.

Genesis 39:4-6

  4 H3130 And Joseph H4672 found H2580 favor H5869 in his sight, H8334 and he ministered H6485 unto him: and he made him overseer H1004 over his house, H3426 and all that he had H5414 he put H3027 into his hand.
  5 H227 And it came to pass from the time H6485 that he made him overseer H1004 in his house, H3426 and over all that he had, H3068 that Jehovah H1288 blessed H4713 the Egyptian's H1004 house H3130 for Joseph's H1558 sake; H1293 and the blessing H3068 of Jehovah H3426 was upon all that he had, H1004 in the house H7704 and in the field.
  6 H5800 And he left H3130 all that he had in Joseph's H3027 hand; H3045 and he knew H3972 not aught H518 that was with him, save H3899 the bread H398 which he did eat. H3130 And Joseph H8389 was comely, H3303 and H4758 well-favored.

Genesis 45:8-9

  8 H7971 So now it was not you that sent H430 me hither, but God: H7760 and he hath made H1 me a father H6547 to Pharaoh, H113 and lord H1004 of all his house, H4910 and ruler H776 over all the land H4714 of Egypt.
  9 H4116 Haste H5927 ye, and go up H1 to my father, H559 and say H559 unto him, Thus saith H1121 thy son H3130 Joseph, H430 God H7760 hath made H113 me lord H4714 of all Egypt: H3381 come down H5975 unto me, tarry not;

Genesis 45:26

  26 H5046 And they told H559 him, saying, H3130 Joseph H2416 is yet alive, H4910 and he is ruler H776 over all the land H4714 of Egypt. H3820 And his heart H6313 fainted, H539 for he believed them not.

1 Samuel 10:1

  1 H8050 Then Samuel H3947 took H6378 the vial H8081 of oil, H3332 and poured H7218 it upon his head, H5401 and kissed H559 him, and said, H3068 Is it not that Jehovah H4886 hath anointed H5057 thee to be prince H5159 over his inheritance?

Job 31:27

  27 H3820 And my heart H5643 hath been secretly H6601 enticed, H6310 And my mouth H5401 hath kissed H3027 my hand:

Psalms 2:12

  12 H5401 Kiss H1248 the son, H599 lest he be angry, H6 and ye perish H1870 in the way, H639 For his wrath H4592 will soon be H1197 kindled. H835 Blessed H2620 are all they that take refuge in him.

Psalms 105:21-22

  21 H7760 He made H113 him lord H1004 of his house, H4910 And ruler H7075 of all his substance;
  22 H631 To bind H8269 his princes H5315 at his pleasure, H2205 And teach his elders H2449 wisdom.

Proverbs 22:29

  29 H2372 Seest H376 thou a man H4106 diligent H4399 in his business? H3320 he shall stand H6440 before H4428 kings; H3320 He shall not stand H6440 before H2823 mean men.

Daniel 2:46-48

  46 H116 Then H4430 the king H5020 Nebuchadnezzar H5308 fell H5922 upon H600 his face, H5457 and worshipped H1841 Daniel, H560 and commanded H5260 that they should offer H4504 an oblation H5208 and sweet odors unto him.
  47 H4430 The king H6032 answered H1841 unto Daniel, H560 and said, H4481 Of H7187 a truth H1768 your H426 God H426 is the God H426 of gods, H4756 and the Lord H4430 of kings, H1541 and a revealer H7328 of secrets, H3202 seeing thou hast been able to H1541 reveal H1836 this H7328 secret.
  48 H116 Then H4430 the king H7236 made H1841 Daniel H7260 great, H3052 and gave H7236 him many H7260 great H4978 gifts, H7981 and made him to rule H5922 over H3606 the whole H4083 province H895 of Babylon, H7229 and to be chief H5460 governor H5922 over H3606 all H2445 the wise H895 men of Babylon.

Daniel 5:29

  29 H116 Then H560 commanded H1113 Belshazzar, H3848 and they clothed H1841 Daniel H711 with purple, H2002 and put a chain H1722 of gold H5922 about H6676 his neck, H3745 and made proclamation H5922 concerning H1934 him, that he should be H8531 the third H7990 ruler H4437 in the kingdom.

Daniel 6:3

  3 H116 Then H1836 this H1841 Daniel H1934 was H5330 distinguished H5922 above H5632 the presidents H324 and the satraps, H3606 because H3493 an excellent H7308 spirit H4430 was in him; and the king H6246 thought H6966 to set H5922 him over H3606 the whole H4437 realm.

Acts 7:10

  10 G2532 and G1807 delivered G846 him G1537 out of G3956 all G846 his G2347 afflictions, G2532 and G1325 gave G846 him G5485 favor G2532 and G4678 wisdom G5328 before Pharaoh G935 king G1726 of G125 Egypt; G2532 and G2525 he made G846 him G2233 governor G1909 over G125 Egypt G2532 and G3650 all G846 his G3624 house.

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