2 Samuel 18:12 Cross References - ASV_Strongs

  12 H376 And the man H559 said H3097 unto Joab, H3863 Though H8254 I should receive H505 a thousand H3701 pieces of silver H3709 in my hand, H7971 yet would I not put forth H3027 my hand H4428 against the king's H1121 son; H241 for in our hearing H4428 the king H6680 charged H52 thee and Abishai H863 and Ittai, H559 saying, H8104 Beware H5288 that none touch the young man H53 Absalom.

2 Samuel 18:5

  5 H4428 And the king H6680 commanded H3097 Joab H52 and Abishai H863 and Ittai, H559 saying, H328 Deal gently H5288 for my sake with the young man, H53 even with Absalom. H5971 And all the people H8085 heard H4428 when the king H8269 gave all the captains H6680 charge H1697 concerning H53 Absalom.

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