1 Samuel 16:20 Cross References - ASV_Strongs

  20 H3448 And Jesse H3947 took H2543 an ass H3899 laden with bread, H4997 and a bottle H3196 of wine, H259 and a H1423 kid, H7971 and sent H3027 them by H1732 David H1121 his son H7586 unto Saul.

Genesis 43:11

  11 H1 And their father H3478 Israel H559 said H645 unto them, If it be so now, H6213 do H3947 this: take H2173 of the choice fruits H776 of the land H3627 in your vessels, H3381 and carry down H376 the man H4503 a present, H4592 a little H6875 balm, H4592 and a little H1706 honey, H5219 spicery H3910 and myrrh, H992 nuts, H8247 and almonds;

1 Samuel 10:27

  27 H1100 But certain worthless H1121 fellows H559 said, H3467 How shall this man save H959 us? And they despised H935 him, and brought H4503 him no present. H2790 But he held his peace.

1 Samuel 17:18

  18 H935 and bring H6235 these ten H2461 cheeses H8269 unto the captain H505 of their thousand, H6485 and look H251 how thy brethren H7965 fare, H3947 and take H6161 their pledge.

1 Samuel 25:18

  18 H26 Then Abigail H4116 made haste, H3947 and took H3967 two hundred H3899 loaves, H8147 and two H5035 bottles H3196 of wine, H2568 and five H6629 sheep H6213 ready dressed, H2568 and five H5429 measures H7039 of parched H3967 grain, and a hundred H6778 clusters of raisins, H3967 and two hundred H1690 cakes H7760 of figs, and laid H2543 them on asses.

2 Samuel 16:1-2

  1 H1732 And when David H4592 was a little H5674 past H7218 the top H6717 of the ascent, behold, Ziba H5288 the servant H4648 of Mephibosheth H7125 met H6776 him, with a couple H2543 of asses H2280 saddled, H3967 and upon them two hundred H3899 loaves of bread, H3967 and a hundred H6778 clusters of raisins, H3967 and a hundred H7019 of summer fruits, H5035 and a bottle H3196 of wine.
  2 H4428 And the king H559 said H6717 unto Ziba, H6717 What meanest thou by these? And Ziba H559 said, H2543 The asses H4428 are for the king's H1004 household H7392 to ride on; H3899 and the bread H7019 and summer fruit H5288 for the young men H398 to eat; H3196 and the wine, H3287 that such as are faint H4057 in the wilderness H8354 may drink.

Proverbs 18:16

  16 H120 A man's H4976 gift H7337 maketh room H5148 for him, And bringeth H6440 him before H1419 great men.

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