Psalms 145:16 Cross References - AKJV_Strongs

  16 H6605 You open H3027 your hand, H7646 and satisfy H7522 the desire H3605 of every H2416 living thing.

Job 38:27

  27 H7646 To satisfy H7722 the desolate H4875 and waste H4161 ground; and to cause the bud H1877 of the tender herb H6779 to spring H6779 forth?

Psalms 104:28

  28 H5414 That you give H3950 them they gather: H6605 you open H3027 your hand, H7646 they are filled H2896 with good.

Psalms 107:9

  9 H7646 For he satisfies H8264 the longing H5315 soul, H4390 and fills H7456 the hungry H5315 soul H2896 with goodness.

Psalms 132:15

  15 H1288 I will abundantly H1288 bless H6718 her provision: H7646 I will satisfy H34 her poor H3899 with bread.

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