2 Samuel 8:15 Cross References - AKJV_Strongs

  15 H1732 And David H4427 reigned H5921 over H3605 all H3478 Israel; H1732 and David H6213 executed H4941 judgment H6666 and justice H3605 to all H5971 his people.

2 Samuel 3:12

  12 H74 And Abner H7971 sent H4397 messengers H1732 to David H8478 on his behalf, H559 saying, H4310 Whose H776 is the land? H559 saying H3772 also, Make H1285 your league H2009 with me, and, behold, H3027 my hand H5437 shall be with you, to bring H5437 about H3605 all H3478 Israel to you.

2 Samuel 5:5

  5 H2275 In Hebron H4427 he reigned H5921 over H3063 Judah H7651 seven H8141 years H8337 and six H2320 months: H3389 and in Jerusalem H4427 he reigned H7970 thirty H7969 and three H8141 years H5921 over H3605 all H3478 Israel H3063 and Judah.

2 Samuel 23:3-4

  3 H430 The God H3478 of Israel H559 said, H6697 the Rock H3478 of Israel H1696 spoke H4910 to me, He that rules H120 over men H6662 must be just, H4910 ruling H3374 in the fear H430 of God.
  4 H216 And he shall be as the light H1242 of the morning, H8121 when the sun H2224 rises, H1242 even a morning H3808 without H5645 clouds; H1877 as the tender grass H776 springing out of the earth H5051 by clear shining H4306 after rain.

1 Chronicles 18:14

  14 H1732 So David H4427 reigned H5921 over H3605 all H3478 Israel, H6213 and executed H4941 judgment H6666 and justice H3605 among all H5971 his people.

Psalms 45:6-7

  6 H3678 Your throne, H430 O God, H5769 is for ever H5703 and ever: H7626 the scepter H4438 of your kingdom H4334 is a right H7626 scepter.
  7 H157 You love H6664 righteousness, H8130 and hate H7562 wickedness: H5921 therefore H3651 H430 God, H430 your God, H4886 has anointed H8081 you with the oil H8342 of gladness H2270 above your fellows.

Psalms 72:2

  2 H1777 He shall judge H5971 your people H6664 with righteousness, H6041 and your poor H4941 with judgment.

Psalms 75:2

  2 H3588 When H3947 I shall receive H4150 the congregation H8199 I will judge H4339 uprightly.

Psalms 78:71-72

  71 H310 From following H5763 the ewes H5763 great with young H935 he brought H7462 him to feed H3290 Jacob H5971 his people, H3478 and Israel H5159 his inheritance.
  72 H7462 So he fed H8537 them according to the integrity H3824 of his heart; H5148 and guided H8394 them by the skillfulness H3709 of his hands.

Psalms 89:14

  14 H6664 Justice H4941 and judgment H4349 are the habitation H3678 of your throne: H2617 mercy H571 and truth H6923 shall go H6440 before your face.

Psalms 101:1-8

  1 H4210 A Psalm H1732 of David. H7891 I will sing H2617 of mercy H4941 and judgment: H3068 to you, O LORD, H2167 will I sing.
  2 H7919 I will behave H7919 myself wisely H8549 in a perfect H1870 way. H4970 O when H935 will you come H1980 to me? I will walk H7130 within H1004 my house H8537 with a perfect H3824 heart.
  3 H7896 I will set H3808 no H1100 wicked H1697 thing H5048 before H5869 my eyes: H8130 I hate H6213 the work H7750 of them that turn H7750 aside; H1692 it shall not stick to me.
  4 H6141 A fraudulent H3820 heart H5493 shall depart H3045 from me: I will not know H7451 a wicked person.
  5 H5643 Whoever privately H3960 slanders H7453 his neighbor, H6789 him will I cut H1362 off: him that has an high H5869 look H7342 and a proud H3824 heart H3201 will not I suffer.
  6 H5869 My eyes H539 shall be on the faithful H776 of the land, H3427 that they may dwell H1980 with me: he that walks H8549 in a perfect H1870 way, H8334 he shall serve me.
  7 H6213 He that works H7423 deceit H3427 shall not dwell H7130 within H1004 my house: H1696 he that tells H8267 lies H3559 shall not tarry H5869 in my sight.
  8 H1242 I will early H6789 destroy H3605 all H7563 the wicked H776 of the land; H3772 that I may cut H3605 off all H205 wicked H6466 doers H5892 from the city H3068 of the LORD.

Isaiah 9:7

  7 H4768 Of the increase H4951 of his government H7965 and peace H369 there shall be no H7093 end, H3678 on the throne H1732 of David, H4467 and on his kingdom, H3559 to order H5582 it, and to establish H4941 it with judgment H6666 and with justice H6258 from now on H5769 even for ever. H7068 The zeal H3068 of the LORD H6635 of hosts H6213 will perform H2063 this.

Jeremiah 22:15-16

  15 H4427 Shall you reign, H3588 because H8474 you close H730 yourself in cedar? H1 did not your father H398 eat H8354 and drink, H6213 and do H4941 judgment H6666 and justice, H227 and then H2896 it was well with him?
  16 H1777 He judged H1779 the cause H6041 of the poor H34 and needy; H227 then H2896 it was well H1931 with him: was not this H1847 to know H5002 me? said H3068 the LORD.

Jeremiah 23:5-6

  5 H2009 Behold, H3117 the days H935 come, H5002 said H3068 the LORD, H6965 that I will raise H1732 to David H6662 a righteous H6780 Branch, H4428 and a King H4427 shall reign H7919 and prosper, H6213 and shall execute H4941 judgment H6666 and justice H776 in the earth.
  6 H3117 In his days H3063 Judah H3467 shall be saved, H3478 and Israel H7931 shall dwell H983 safely: H2088 and this H8034 is his name H834 whereby H7121 he shall be called, H3068 THE LORD H6664 OUR RIGHTEOUSNESS.

Amos 5:15

  15 H8130 Hate H7451 the evil, H157 and love H2896 the good, H3322 and establish H4941 judgment H8179 in the gate: H3068 it may be that the LORD H430 God H6635 of hosts H2587 will be gracious H7611 to the remnant H3130 of Joseph.

Amos 5:24

  24 H4941 But let judgment H1556 run H4325 down as waters, H6666 and righteousness H386 as a mighty H5158 stream.

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