2 Kings 1:2 Cross References - AKJV_Strongs

  2 H274 And Ahaziah H5307 fell H1157 down through H7639 a lattice H5944 in his upper H5944 chamber H8111 that was in Samaria, H2470 and was sick: H7971 and he sent H4397 messengers, H559 and said H3212 to them, Go, H1875 inquire H1176 of Baalzebub H430 the god H6138 of Ekron H518 whether H2421 I shall recover H2088 of this H2483 disease.

Judges 5:28

  28 H517 The mother H5516 of Sisera H8259 looked H1157 out at H2474 a window, H2980 and cried H1157 through H822 the lattice, H4069 Why H7393 is his chariot H954 so long H935 in coming? H4069 why H309 tarry H6471 the wheels H4818 of his chariots?

Judges 11:24

  24 H3423 Will not you possess H834 that which H3645 Chemosh H430 your god H3423 gives you to possess? H3605 So whomsoever H834 H3068 the LORD H430 our God H3423 shall drive H6440 out from before H3423 us, them will we possess.

1 Samuel 5:10

  10 H7971 Therefore they sent H727 the ark H430 of God H6138 to Ekron. H1961 And it came H727 to pass, as the ark H430 of God H935 came H6138 to Ekron, H6139 that the Ekronites H2199 cried H559 out, saying, H5437 They have brought H5437 about H727 the ark H430 of the God H3478 of Israel H4191 to us, to slay H5971 us and our people.

1 Kings 11:33

  33 H3282 Because H834 H5800 that they have forsaken H7812 me, and have worshipped H6252 Ashtoreth H430 the goddess H6722 of the Zidonians, H3645 Chemosh H430 the god H4124 of the Moabites, H4445 and Milcom H430 the god H1121 of the children H5983 of Ammon, H1980 and have not walked H1870 in my ways, H6213 to do H3477 that which is right H5869 in my eyes, H2708 and to keep my statutes H4941 and my judgments, H1732 as did David H1 his father.

1 Kings 14:3

  3 H3947 And take H6235 with you ten H3899 loaves, H5350 and cracknels, H1228 and a cruse H1706 of honey, H935 and go H5046 to him: he shall tell H4100 you what H1961 shall become H5288 of the child.

1 Kings 22:34

  34 H376 And a certain man H4900 drew H7198 a bow H8537 at a venture, H5221 and smote H4428 the king H3478 of Israel H996 between H1694 the joints H8302 of the harness: H559 why he said H7395 to the driver H7395 of his chariot, H2015 Turn H3027 your hand, H3318 and carry H4264 me out of the host; H2470 for I am wounded.

2 Kings 1:3

  3 H4397 But the angel H3068 of the LORD H1696 said H452 to Elijah H8664 the Tishbite, H6965 Arise, H5927 go H7125 up to meet H4397 the messengers H4428 of the king H8111 of Samaria, H1696 and say H430 to them, Is it not because there is not a God H3478 in Israel, H1980 that you go H1875 to inquire H1176 of Baalzebub H430 the god H6138 of Ekron?

2 Kings 1:6

  6 H559 And they said H5927 to him, There came H376 a man H7125 up to meet H559 us, and said H3212 to us, Go, H7725 turn H7725 again H4428 to the king H7971 that sent H1696 you, and say H3541 to him, Thus H559 said H3068 the LORD, H430 Is it not because there is not a God H3478 in Israel, H7971 that you send H1875 to inquire H1176 of Baalzebub H430 the god H6138 of Ekron? H3651 therefore H3381 you shall not come H3381 down H4296 from that bed H834 on which H5927 you are gone H3588 up, but shall surely H4191 die.

2 Kings 1:16

  16 H1696 And he said H3541 to him, Thus H559 said H3068 the LORD, H3282 For as much H834 H7971 as you have sent H4397 messengers H1875 to inquire H1176 of Baalzebub H430 the god H6138 of Ekron, H369 is it not because there is no H430 God H3478 in Israel H1875 to inquire H1697 of his word? H3381 therefore you shall not come H3381 down H4296 off that bed H834 on which H5927 you are gone H3588 up, but shall surely H4191 die.

2 Kings 8:7-10

  7 H477 And Elisha H935 came H1834 to Damascus; H1130 and Benhadad H4428 the king H758 of Syria H2470 was sick; H5046 and it was told H559 him, saying, H376 The man H430 of God H935 is come H2008 here.
  8 H4428 And the king H559 said H2371 to Hazael, H3947 Take H4503 a present H3027 in your hand, H3212 and go, H7125 meet H376 the man H430 of God, H1875 and inquire H3068 of the LORD H559 by him, saying, H2421 Shall I recover H2088 of this H2483 disease?
  9 H2371 So Hazael H3212 went H7125 to meet H3947 him, and took H4503 a present H3605 with him, even of every H2898 good H1834 thing of Damascus, H705 forty H1581 camels’ H4853 burden, H935 and came H5975 and stood H6440 before H559 him, and said, H1121 Your son H1130 Benhadad H4428 king H758 of Syria H7971 has sent H559 me to you, saying, H2421 Shall I recover H2088 of this H2483 disease?
  10 H477 And Elisha H559 said H3212 to him, Go, H559 say H2421 to him, You may certainly recover: H3068 however, the LORD H7200 has showed H4191 me that he shall surely die.

2 Chronicles 21:14-15

  14 H2009 Behold, H1419 with a great H4046 plague H3068 will the LORD H5062 smite H5971 your people, H1121 and your children, H802 and your wives, H3605 and all H7399 your goods:
  15 H7227 And you shall have great H2483 sickness H4245 by disease H4578 of your bowels, H5704 until H4578 your bowels H3318 fall H4480 out by reason H2483 of the sickness H3117 day H3117 by day.

Job 31:3

  3 H343 Is not destruction H5767 to the wicked? H5235 and a strange H6466 punishment to the workers H205 of iniquity?

Song of Songs 2:9

  9 H1730 My beloved H1819 is like H6643 a roe H176 or H6082 a young H354 hart: H2009 behold, H5975 he stands H310 behind H3796 our wall, H7688 he looks H4480 forth at H2474 the windows, H6692 showing H4480 himself through H2762 the lattice.

Isaiah 37:12

  12 H430 Have the gods H1471 of the nations H5337 delivered H834 them which H1 my fathers H7843 have destroyed, H1470 as Gozan, H2771 and Haran, H7530 and Rezeph, H1121 and the children H5731 of Eden H834 which H8515 were in Telassar?

Isaiah 37:19

  19 H5414 And have cast H430 their gods H784 into the fire: H3808 for they were no H430 gods, H4639 but the work H120 of men’s H3027 hands, H6086 wood H68 and stone: H6 therefore they have destroyed them.

Matthew 10:25

  25 G713 It is enough G3101 for the disciple G1320 that he be as his master, G1401 and the servant G2962 as his lord. G1487 If G2564 they have called G1320 the master G3617 of the house G954 Beelzebub, G4214 how G4214 much G3123 more G3615 shall they call them of his household?

Matthew 12:24-27

  24 G5330 But when the Pharisees G191 heard G2036 it, they said, G3778 This G1544 fellow does not cast G1140 out devils, G954 but by Beelzebub G758 the prince G1140 of the devils.
  25 G2424 And Jesus G1492 knew G1761 their thoughts, G2036 and said G3956 to them, Every G932 kingdom G3307 divided G2596 against G1438 itself G2049 is brought G2049 to desolation; G3956 and every G4172 city G2228 or G3614 house G3307 divided G2596 against G1438 itself G2476 shall not stand:
  26 G1487 And if G4567 Satan G1544 cast G4567 out Satan, G3307 he is divided G1909 against G1438 himself; G4459 how G3767 shall then G932 his kingdom G2476 stand?
  27 G1487 And if G954 I by Beelzebub G1544 cast G1140 out devils, G5101 by whom G5216 do your G5207 children G1544 cast G1223 them out? therefore G5124 G5216 they shall be your G2923 judges.

Mark 3:22

  22 G1122 And the scribes G3588 which G2597 came G2597 down G2414 from Jerusalem G3004 said, G2192 He has G954 Beelzebub, G758 and by the prince G1140 of the devils G1544 casts G1140 he out devils.

Luke 11:15

  15 G5100 But some G2036 of them said, G1544 He casts G1140 out devils G1722 through G954 Beelzebub G758 the chief G1140 of the devils.

Acts 20:9

  9 G2521 And there sat G2376 in a window G5100 a certain G3494 young G3494 man G3686 named G2161 Eutychus, G2702 being fallen G901 into a deep G5258 sleep: G3972 and as Paul G1909 was long G4119 G1256 preaching, G2702 he sunk G2736 down G5258 with sleep, G4098 and fell G5152 down from the third G5152 loft, G142 and was taken G3498 up dead.

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