2 Chronicles 36:15 Cross References - AKJV_Strongs

  15 H3068 And the LORD H430 God H1 of their fathers H7971 sent H4397 to them by his messengers, H7925 rising H7925 up betimes, H7971 and sending; H3588 because H2550 he had compassion H5921 on H5971 his people, H5921 and on H4583 his dwelling place:

Judges 10:16

  16 H5493 And they put H5493 away H5236 the strange H430 gods H7130 from among H5647 them, and served H3068 the LORD: H5315 and his soul H7114 was grieved H5999 for the misery H3478 of Israel.

2 Kings 13:23

  23 H3068 And the LORD H2603 was gracious H7355 to them, and had compassion H6437 on them, and had respect H4616 to them, because H1285 of his covenant H85 with Abraham, H3327 Isaac, H3290 and Jacob, H14 and would H7843 not destroy H3808 them, neither H7993 cast H6440 he them from his presence H5704 as yet. H6258

2 Kings 17:13

  13 H3068 Yet the LORD H5749 testified H3478 against Israel, H3063 and against Judah, H3605 by all H5030 the prophets, H3605 and by all H2374 the seers, H559 saying, H7725 Turn H7451 you from your evil H1870 ways, H8104 and keep H4687 my commandments H2708 and my statutes, H3605 according to all H8451 the law H834 which H6680 I commanded H1 your fathers, H834 and which H7971 I sent H5650 to you by my servants H5030 the prophets.

2 Chronicles 24:18-21

  18 H5800 And they left H1004 the house H3068 of the LORD H430 God H1 of their fathers, H5647 and served H842 groves H6091 and idols: H7110 and wrath H1961 came H3063 on Judah H3389 and Jerusalem H2063 for this H819 their trespass.
  19 H7971 Yet he sent H5030 prophets H7725 to them, to bring H7725 them again H3068 to the LORD; H5749 and they testified H238 against them: but they would not give ear.
  20 H7307 And the Spirit H430 of God H3847 came H2148 on Zechariah H1121 the son H3111 of Jehoiada H3548 the priest, H5975 which stood H5921 above H5971 the people, H559 and said H3541 to them, Thus H559 said H430 God, H4100 Why H5674 transgress H4687 you the commandments H3068 of the LORD, H3808 that you cannot H6743 prosper? H3588 because H5800 you have forsaken H3068 the LORD, H5800 he has also forsaken you.
  21 H7194 And they conspired H5921 against H7275 him, and stoned H68 him with stones H4687 at the commandment H4428 of the king H2691 in the court H1004 of the house H3068 of the LORD.

2 Chronicles 33:10

  10 H3068 And the LORD H1696 spoke H4519 to Manasseh, H5971 and to his people: H7181 but they would not listen.

Jeremiah 7:13

  13 H4994 And now, H3282 because H6213 you have done H3605 all H428 these H4639 works, H5002 said H3068 the LORD, H1696 and I spoke H7925 to you, rising H7925 up early H1696 and speaking, H8085 but you heard H7121 not; and I called H6030 you, but you answered not;

Jeremiah 7:25

  25 H4480 Since H3117 the day H1 that your fathers H3318 came H3318 forth H776 out of the land H4714 of Egypt H2088 to this H3117 day H7971 I have even sent H3605 to you all H5650 my servants H5030 the prophets, H3117 daily H7925 rising H7925 up early H7971 and sending them:

Jeremiah 25:3-4

  3 H7969 From the thirteenth H6240 H8141 year H2977 of Josiah H1121 the son H526 of Amon H4428 king H3063 of Judah, H2088 even to this H3117 day, H7969 that is the three H6242 and twentieth H8141 year, H1697 the word H3068 of the LORD H1961 has come H1696 to me, and I have spoken H7925 to you, rising H7925 early H1696 and speaking; H8085 but you have not listened.
  4 H3068 And the LORD H7971 has sent H3605 to you all H5650 his servants H5030 the prophets, H7925 rising H7925 early H7971 and sending H8085 them; but you have not listened, H3808 nor H5186 inclined H241 your ear H8085 to hear.

Jeremiah 26:5

  5 H8085 To listen H1697 to the words H5650 of my servants H5030 the prophets, H834 whom H7971 I sent H7925 to you, both rising H7925 up early, H7971 and sending H8085 them, but you have not listened;

Jeremiah 35:15

  15 H7971 I have sent H3605 also to you all H5650 my servants H5030 the prophets, H7925 rising H7925 up early H7971 and sending H559 them, saying, H7725 Return H4994 you now H376 every man H7451 from his evil H1870 way, H3190 and amend H4611 your doings, H3212 and go H310 not after H312 other H430 gods H5647 to serve H3427 them, and you shall dwell H127 in the land H834 which H5414 I have given H1 to you and to your fathers: H5186 but you have not inclined H241 your ear, H3808 nor H8085 listened to me.

Jeremiah 44:4-5

  4 H7971 However, I sent H3605 to you all H5650 my servants H5030 the prophets, H7925 rising H7925 early H7971 and sending H559 them, saying, H4994 Oh, H6213 do H2088 not this H8441 abominable H1697 thing H8130 that I hate.
  5 H8085 But they listened H3808 not, nor H5186 inclined H241 their ear H7725 to turn H7451 from their wickedness, H6999 to burn H1115 no H6999 incense H312 to other H430 gods.

Hosea 11:8

  8 H349 How H5414 shall I give H669 you up, Ephraim? H4042 how shall I deliver H3478 you, Israel? H349 how H5414 shall I make H126 you as Admah? H7761 how shall I set H6636 you as Zeboim? H3820 my heart H2015 is turned H5150 within me, my repentings H3648 are kindled H3162 together.

Luke 19:41-44

  41 G5613 And when G1448 he was come G1448 near, G1492 he beheld G4172 the city, G2799 and wept G1909 over it,
  42 G3004 Saying, G1487 If G1097 you had known, G2532 even G1065 you, at G2534 least G5026 in this G2250 your day, G1515 the things which belong to your peace! G3568 but now G2928 they are hid G4675 from your G3788 eyes.
  43 G2250 For the days G2240 shall come G4675 on you, that your G2190 enemies G4016 shall cast G5482 a trench G4016 about G4033 you, and compass G4033 you round, G4912 and keep G3840 you in on G3840 every G3840 side,
  44 G1474 And shall lay G1474 you even with the ground, G5043 and your children G1722 within G863 you; and they shall not leave G3037 in you one stone G473 on another; because G3739 G1097 you knew G2540 not the time G1984 of your visitation.

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