1 Kings 7:47 Cross References - ACV

47 And Solomon left all the vessels [unweighed] because they were very many; the weight of the brass could not be found out.

1 Chronicles 22:3

3 And David prepared iron in abundance for the nails for the doors of the gates, and for the couplings, and brass in abundance without weight,

1 Chronicles 22:14

14 Now, behold, in my affliction I have prepared for the house of LORD a hundred thousand talents of gold, and a million talents of silver, and of brass and iron without weight, for it is in abundance. Also I have prepared timber and

1 Chronicles 22:16

16 Of the gold, the silver, and the brass, and the iron, there is no number. Arise and be doing, and LORD be with thee.

2 Chronicles 4:18

18 Thus Solomon made all these vessels in great abundance. For the weight of the brass could not be found out.

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