Proverbs 27:5 Cross References - ABP_Strongs

  5 G2908 [3 is better than G1650 2reproofs G601 1Revealing] G2928 hiding G5373 friendship.

Leviticus 19:17

  17 G3756 You shall not G3404 detest G3588   G80 your brother G1473   G3588 in G1271 your mind. G1473   G1648.1 With rebuke G1651 you shall reprove G3588   G4139 your neighbor, G1473   G2532 and G3756 you shall not G2983 take G1223 [2on account of G1473 3him G266 1sin].

Proverbs 28:23

  23 G3588 The G1651 one reproving G444 a man's G3598 ways G5484 [2favors G2192 1shall have], G3123 rather than G3588 the G1101.2 flatterer with the tongue.

Matthew 18:15

  15 G1437 But if G1161   G264 [3should sin G1519 4against G1473 5you G3588   G80 2brother G1473 1your], G5217 go G2532 and G1651 reprove G1473 him G3342 between G1473 you G2532 and G1473 him G3441 alone! G1437 If G1473 he should hear you, G191   G2770 you gain G3588   G80 your brother. G1473  

Galatians 2:14

  14 G235 But G3753 when G1492 I saw G3754 that G3756 he did not G3716 walk uprightly G4314 to G3588 the G225 truth G3588 of the G2098 good news, G2036 I said G3588   G* to Peter G1715 in front of G3956 all, G1487 If G1473 you, G2450 [2Jewish-like G5224 1being], G1483 [2like the nations G2198 1live] G2532 and G3756 not G* like a Jew, G5100 why G3588 [2the G1484 3nations G315 1do you compel] G* to Judaize?

1 Timothy 5:20

  20 G3588 The ones G264 sinning G1799 [2before G3956 3all G1651 1reprove], G2443 that G2532 also G3588 the G3062 rest G5401 [2fear G2192 1should have]!

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