Mark 11:13 Cross References - ABP_Strongs

  13 G2532 And G1492 beholding G4808 a fig-tree G3113 far off G2192 having G5444 leaves, G2064 he went G1487 to see if G686   G2147 he shall find G5100 anything G1722 on G1473 it. G2532 And G2064 having come G1909 upon G1473 it, G3762 [2nothing G2147 1he found] G1508 except G5444 leaves; G3756 [3not G1063 1for G1510.7.3 2it was] G2540 the season G4810 of figs.

Ruth 2:3

  3 G2532 And G4198 she went. G2532 And G2064 having arrived, G4816 she collected together G1722 in G3588 the G68 field G2733.5 after G3588 the ones G2325 harvesting. G2532 And G4045 she fell G4047.4 by chance G3588 in the G3310 portion G3588 of the G68 field G* of Boaz, G3588 the one G1537 of G3588 the G4772 kin G* of Elimelech.

1 Samuel 6:9

  9 G2532 And G3708 you shall see G1487 if G1519 into G3598 the way G3725 of their border G1473   G4198 it shall go -- G2596 according to G* Beth-shemesh, G1473 if he G4160 did G1473 to us G3588   G2549 [3evil G3588   G3173 2great G3778 1this]. G2532 And G1437 if G3361 not, G2532 then G1097 we will know G3754 that G3756 it was not G5495 his hand G1473   G680 that touched G1473 us, G235 but that G4850.4 [3a coincidence G3778 1this G1096 2was] G1473 to us.

Isaiah 5:7

  7 G3588 For the G1063   G290 vineyard G2962 of the lord G4519 of Hosts G3624 [2 the house G3588   G* 3of Israel G1510.2.3 1is], G2532 and G444 the man G3588   G* of Judah G3504 is the newly planted G25 one being loved. G3306 I waited G3588   G4160 for it to produce G2920 equity, G4160 but it produced G1161   G458 lawlessness; G2532 and G3756 not G1343 righteousness, G235 but G2906 a cry.

Matthew 21:19

  19 G2532 And G1492 beholding G4808 [2fig-tree G1520 1one] G1909 upon G3588 the G3598 way, G2064 he came G1909 unto G1473 it G2532 and G3762 [2nothing G2147 1found] G1722 on G1473 it G1508 except G5444 leaves G3440 only. G2532 And G3004 he says G1473 to it, G3371 No longer G1537 from G1473 you G2590 [2fruit G1096 1should] be produced G1519 into G3588 the G165 eon. G2532 And G3583 4dried up G3916 1immediately G3588 2the G4808 3fig-tree].

Luke 10:31

  31 G2596 [2by G4795 3chance G1161 1And] G2409 a certain priest G5100   G2597 went down G1722 by G3588   G3598 that way; G1565   G2532 and G1492 beholding G1473 him, G492 he passed by on the other side.

Luke 12:6-7

  6 G3780 Are not G4002 five G4765 sparrows G4453 sold G787 [2assarion G1417 1 for two], G2532 and G1520 one G1537 of G1473 them G3756 is not G1510.2.3   G1950 forgotten G1799 before G3588   G2316 God?
  7 G235 But G2532 even G3588 the G2359 hairs G3588   G2776 of your head G1473   G3956 have all G705 been counted. G3361 Do not G3767 then G5399 fear! G4183 [2from many G4765 3sparrows G1308 1you differ]. G1473  

Luke 13:6-9

  6 G3004 And he spoke G1161   G3778 this G3588   G3850 parable. G4808 [3a fig-tree G2192 2had G5100 1A certain one] G1722 in G3588   G290 his vineyard G1473   G5452 being planted; G2532 and G2064 he came G2590 [2fruit G2212 1seeking] G1722 on G1473 it, G2532 and G3756 he found not. G2147  
  7 G2036 And he said G1161   G4314 to G3588 the G289 vine dresser, G2400 Behold, G5140 three G2094 years G2064 I come G2212 seeking G2590 fruit G1722 on G3588   G4808 this fig-tree, G3778   G2532 and G3756 I found not. G2147   G1581 Cut it down! G1473   G2444 Why G2532 even G3588 [2the G1093 3land G2673 1render] useless?
  8 G3588 But he G1161   G611 answering G3004 says G1473 to him, G2962 O master, G863 leave G1473 it G2532 even G3778 this G3588   G2094 year, G2193 until G3748 whenever G4626 I shall dig G4012 around G1473 it, G2532 and G906 throw G2874 manure;
  9 G2579 and if G3303 then G4160 it should produce G2590 fruit, good, G1490 but if not G1519 [2for G3588 3the G3195 4about to be G1581 1you can cut it down]. G1473  

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