Job 9:15 Cross References - ABP_Strongs

  15 G1437 [2even if G5037   G1063 1For G1342 4just G1510.3 3I should be] G3756 shall he listen not to G1522   G1473 me? G3588   G2917 his equity G1473   G1189 I will beseech.

1 Kings 8:38-39

  38 G3956 every G4335 prayer, G3956 every G1162 supplication, G1437 if G1096 it should happen G3956 to any G444 man, G5613   G302 whenever G1097 [2should know G1538 1each one] G860 the infection G2588 of his heart, G1473   G2532 and G1276.1 should open and spread out G3588   G5495 his hands G1473   G1519 in G3588   G3624 this house, G3778  
  39 G2532 then G1473 you G1522 shall hearken G1537 from G3588 the G3772 heaven, G1537 from out of G2092 [2prepared G2732 3home G1473 1your], G2532 and G2436 you will be propitious, G1510.8.2   G2532 and G4160 you will act, G2532 and G1325 you will impute G435 to a man G2596 according to G3956 all G3588   G3598 his ways, G1473   G2531 as G302   G1097 you know G3588   G2588 his heart; G1473   G3754 for G1473 you G3441 alone G1492 know G3588 the G2588 heart G3956 of all G3588 of the G5207 sons G444 of men;

2 Chronicles 33:13

  13 G2532 And G4336 he prayed G4314 to G1473 him, G2532 and G1873 he heeded G1473 him, G2532 and G1873 he heeded G3588   G995 his yelling, G1473   G2532 and G1994 he returned G1473 him G1519 unto G* Jerusalem G1909 over G3588   G932 his kingdom. G1473   G2532 And G1097 Manasseh knew G*   G3754 that G2962 the lord -- G1473 he G1510.2.3 is G3588   G2316 God.

Job 5:8

  8 G3756 [2nevertheless G3375   G1161   G235 1but] G1473 I G1189 shall beseech G2962 of the lord, G2962 [3 the lord G1161 1and G3588 4the G3956 5master of all G1203   G1941 2I shall call upon],

Job 8:5

  5 G1473 But you, G1161   G3719 rise early G4314 to G2962 the lord G3841 almighty G1189 beseeching him!

Job 10:2

  2 G2532 And G2046 I will say G4314 to G2962 the lord, G3361 [3not G1473 2me G764 4to be impious G1321 1Teach]! G2532 and G1302 why G1473 [3me G3779 1have you so G2919 2judged]?

Job 10:15

  15 G1437 For if G5037   G1063   G765 I should be impious, G1510.3   G3629.3 alas; G1437 but if G1161   G1510.3 I might be G1342 just, G3756 I am not G1410 able G142 to lift up G2776 the head, G4134 [3full G1063 1for G819 4of dishonor G1510.2.1 2I am].

Job 22:27

  27 G2172 [3vowing G1161 1And G1473 2of your] G4314 to G1473 him, G1522 he will listen to G1473 you; G1325 and he will give G1161   G1473 to you G591 power to render G3588 the G2171 vows.

Job 23:7

  7 G225 For truth G1063   G2532 and G1650 reproof G3844 are from G1473 him; G1806 and may he bring G1161   G1519 [2unto G5056 3my end G1473   G3588   G2917 1equity].

Job 34:31-32

  31 G3754 that G4314 to G3588 the G2478 mighty one G3588   G3004 saying, G2983 I have received blessings; G3756 I will not G1757.2 take anything for security.
  32 G427 [2apart from G1683 3myself G3708 1I will see]; G1473 you G1166 show G1473 to me, G1487 if G93 [2iniquity G2038 1I practiced]! G3766.2 then in no way G4369 shall I proceed.

Jeremiah 31:9

  9 G1722 In G2805 weeping G1831 they went forth, G2532 and G1722 in G3874 comfort G71 I will lead G1473 them. G835 Lodging G1909 upon G1377.2 aqueducts G5204 of waters G1722 in G3598 [2way G3717 1 the straight], G2532 and G3766.2 in no way G4105 shall they wander G1722 in G1473 it. G3754 For G1096 I became G3588   G* to Israel G1519 for G3962 a father, G2532 and G* Ephraim G4416 [2my first-born G1473   G1510.2.3 1is].

Daniel 9:3

  3 G2532 And G1325 I put G3588   G4383 my face G1473   G4314 towards G2962 the lord G3588   G2316 God, G3588   G1567 to inquire G4335 by prayer G2532 and G1162 supplication, G1722 in G3521 fasting, G2532 and G4526 sackcloth, G2532 and G4700 ashes.

Daniel 9:18

  18 G2827 Lean, G3588 O G2316 my God, G1473   G3588   G3775 your ear, G1473   G2532 and G191 hearken! G455 Open G3588   G3788 your eyes, G1473   G2532 and G1492 behold G3588   G854 our extinction! G1473   G2532 and G3588   G4172 of your city G1473   G1909 upon G3739 which G1941 [2is called G3588   G3686 1your name] G1473   G1909 upon G1473 it. G3754 For G3756 not G1909 upon G3588   G1343 our righteousness G1473   G1473 we G4495 toss G3588   G3628 our compassion G1473   G1799 before G1473 you, G235 but G1909 upon G3588   G3628 [3compassions G1473 1your G3588   G4183 2great], G2962 O lord .

1 Corinthians 4:4

  4 G3762 For nothing G1063   G1683 by myself G4894 am I fully conscious; G235 but G3756 not G1722 in G3778 this G1344 have I been justified; G3588 but the one G1161   G350 examining G1473 me G2962 is the Lord. G1510.2.3  

1 Peter 2:23

  23 G3739 who G3058 being reviled G3756 did not G486 return verbal abuse; G3958 when suffering G3756 did not G546 threaten; G3860 but delivered himself up G1161   G3588 to the one G2919 judging G1346 justly;

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