Isaiah 48:10 Cross References - ABP_Strongs

  10 G2400 Behold, G4097 I have bartered G1473 you, G3756 not G1752 for G694 silver; G1807 and I rescued G1161   G1473 you G1537 from out of G2575 the furnace G4432 of poorness.

Deuteronomy 4:20

  20 G1473 [5you G1161 1But G2983 4took G2316 2 the lord G3588   G2316 3God], G2532 and G1806 led G1473 you G1537 from out of G3588 the G2575 furnace G3588   G4603 of iron, G1537 out of G* Egypt, G1510.1 to be G1473 to him G2992 [2people G1462.1 1a hereditary], G5613 as G1722 in G3588   G2250 this day. G3778  

1 Kings 8:51

  51 G3754 For they are G2992 your people, G1473   G2532 and G2817 your inheritance, G1473   G3739 whom G1806 you led out G1537 of G1093 the land G* of Egypt, G1537 from out of G3319 the midst G5560.7 of the foundry furnace G4604 of iron.

Job 23:10

  10 G1492 For he knows G1063   G2235 [2already G3598 1my way]; G1252 he examined G1473 me G5618 as G3588 the G5553 gold.

Psalms 66:10

  10 G3754 For G1381 you tried G1473 us, G3588 O G2316 God; G4448 you set us on fire G1473   G5613 as G4448 [2 is set to the fire G3588   G694 1silver].

Proverbs 17:3

  3 G5618 As G1381 [4tried G1722 5in G2575 6a furnace G696 1silver G2532 2and G5557 3gold]; G3779 so G1588 choice G2588 hearts G3844 by G2962 the lord .

Isaiah 1:25-26

  25 G2532 And G1863 I will bring G3588   G5495 my hand G1473   G1909 against G1473 you, G2532 and G4448 I will purify G1473 you G1519 to G2513 cleanness. G3588 But the ones G1161   G544 resisting persuasion G622 I will destroy, G2532 and G851 I will remove G3956 all G459 lawless ones G575 from G1473 you.
  26 G2532 And G3956 all G5244 the proud G5013 I will abase; G2532 and G2186 I will stand G3588   G2923 your judges G1473   G5613 as G3588   G4387 formerly, G2532 and G3588   G4825 your counselors G1473   G5613 as G3588   G575 at G746 the beginning. G2532 And G3326 after G3778 these things G2564 you shall be called, G4172 City G1343 of Righteousness, G3390 [2mother-city G4103 1 the trustworthy] G* Zion.

Jeremiah 9:7

  7 G1223 On account of G3778 this, G3592 Thus G3004 says G2962 the lord G3588 of the G1411 forces, G2400 Behold, G1473 I G4448 shall set them on fire, G1473   G2532 and G1381 try G1473 them. G3754 What G4160 will I act G575 before G4383 the face G4189 of the wickedness G2364 of the daughter G2992 of my people? G1473  

Ezekiel 20:38

  38 G2532 And G1586 I shall choose G1537 from G1473 you G3588 the G765 impious, G2532 and G3588 the ones G868 revolting; G1360 because G1537 [3from out of G3588   G3938.1 4their sojourning G1806 1I will lead G1473 2them], G2532 and G1519 [3into G3588 4the G1093 5land G3588   G* 6of Israel G3756 1they shall not G1525 2enter]. G2532 And G1921 you shall realize G1360 that G1473 I am G2962 the lord .

Ezekiel 22:18-22

  18 G5207 O son G444 of man, G2400 behold, G1096 [4has become G1473 5to me G3588 1the G3624 2house G* 3of Israel] G362.1 an intermingling G3956 of all G5475 brass, G2532 and G4604 iron, G2532 and G2595.3 tin, G2532 and G3432.1 lead; G1722 [2in G3319 3 the midst G2575 4of a furnace G694 5of silver G362.1 6being intermingled G1510.2.6 1they are].
  19 G1223 On account of G3778 this, G2036 say! G3592 Thus G3004 says G* Adonai G2962 the lord; G446.2 Because G1096 you became G3956 all G1519 for G4792.2 [2admixture G1520 1one], G1223 on account of G3778 this G1473 I G1523 will take G1473 you G1722 in G3319 the midst G* of Jerusalem.
  20 G2531 As G1523 [2is taken G696 1silver], G2532 and G5475 brass, G2532 and G4604 iron, G2532 and G2595.3 tin, G2532 and G3432.1 lead G1722 in G3319 the midst G2575 of the furnace, G3588   G1630.4 to blow G1519 [2into G1473 3it G4442 1fire], G1519 for G3588 the G5560.9 casting in a furnace. G3779 So G1523 I will take G1473 you G1722 in G3588   G3709 my anger, G1473   G2532 and G1722 in G3588   G2372 my rage, G1473   G2532 and G4863 I will gather G2532 and G5560.9 cast you in a furnace. G1473  
  21 G2532 And G1630.4 I will blow G1909 upon G1473 you G1722 in G4442 the fire G3709 of my anger, G1473   G2532 and G5560.9 you shall be cast in a furnace G1722 in G3319 the midst G1473 of it.
  22 G3739 In which G5158 manner G5560.9 [2is cast in a furnace G694 1silver] G1722 in G3319 the midst G2575 of the furnace, G3779 so G5560.9 shall you be cast in a furnace G1722 in G3319 the midst G1473 of it. G2532 And G1921 you shall realize G3754 that G1473 I G2962 the lord G1632 poured out G3588   G2372 my rage G1473   G1909 upon G1473 you.

Zechariah 13:8-9

  8 G2532 And G1510.8.3 it will be G1722 in G3588   G2250 that day, G1565   G3004 says G2962 the lord, G3588 the G1417 two G3313 parts G1842 shall be utterly destroyed, G2532 and G1587 shall cease; G3588 but the G1161   G5154 third part G5275 shall be left G1722 in G1473 it.
  9 G2532 And G1236 I shall lead G3588 the G5154 third part G1223 through G4442 fire, G2532 and G4448 I will purify G1473 them G5613 as G4448 [2is fired G3588   G694 1silver], G2532 and G1381 I will try G1473 them G5613 as G1381 [2is tried G3588   G5553 1gold]. G1473 He G1941 will call upon G3588   G3686 my name, G1473   G2532 and G1473 I G1873 will heed G1473 him. G2532 And G2046 I will say, G2992 [3my people G1473   G3778 1This G1510.2.3 2is]. G2532 And G1473 he G2046 shall say, G2962 The lord G3588   G2316 is my God. G1473  

Malachi 3:2-3

  2 G2532 And G5100 who G5278 will endure G2250 the day G1529 of his entrance? G1473   G2228 Or G5100 who G5307.2 shall stand G1722 at G3588   G3701 his apparition? G1473   G1360 For G1473 he G1531 enters G5613 as G4442 fire G5560.7 of a foundry furnace, G2532 and G5613 as G4157.1 lye G4150 of ones washing.
  3 G2532 And G2523 he shall sit G5560.9 as one casting in a furnace, G2532 and G2511 one cleansing G5613 as it were G3588   G694 silver. G2532 And G2511 he shall cleanse G3588 the G5207 sons G* of Levi, G2532 and G5502.4 he shall pour G1473 them G5618 as G3588 the G5553 gold G2532 and G5613 as G3588 the G694 silver; G2532 and G1510.8.6 they will be G3588 to the G2962 lord G4317 ones bringing G2378 sacrifices G1722 in G3588   G1343 righteousness.

Hebrews 12:10-11

  10 G3588 [2they G3303 3indeed G1063 1For] G4314 for G3641 a few G2250 days, G2596 as G3588   G1380 it seemed good G1473 to them, G3811 corrected; G3588 but he does so G1161   G1909 for G3588 the G4851 advantage, G1519 for us G3588   G3335 to share in G3588   G41 his sanctity. G1473  
  11 G3956 But any G1161   G3809 discipline G4314 by G3303 indeed G3588 the G3918 hand G3756 does not G1380 seem G5479 to be joy, G1510.1   G235 but G3077 distress; G5305 but afterwards G1161   G2590 [3fruit G1516 2peaceable G3588 5to the ones G1223 7by G1473 8it G1128 6having been exercised G591 1it renders G1343 4of righteousness].

1 Peter 1:7

  7 G2443 that G3588 the G1383 proving G1473 [3of yours G3588 1of the G4102 2belief] G4183 (much G5093 more esteemed than G5553 gold G3588 that G622 perishes) G1223 [3through G4442 4fire G1161 1even G1381 2being tried], G2147 should be found G1519 in G1868 high praise, G2532 and G1391 glory, G2532 and G5092 honor, G1722 in G602 revelation G* of Jesus G5547 Christ.

1 Peter 4:12

  12 G27 Beloved, G3361 do not G3579 take it as strange G3588 the G1722 [3among G1473 4you G4451 1burning fire G4314 5to G3986 6test G1473 7you G1096 2taking place], G5613 as G3581 a strange thing G1473 happening to you; G4819  

Revelation 3:19

  19 G1473 I, G3745 as many as G1437 I should G5368 be fond of, G1651 I reprove G2532 and G3811 I correct. G2206 Be zealous G3767 then G2532 and G3340 repent!

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