Hebrews 9:8 Cross References - ABP_Strongs

  8 G3778 This G1213 manifesting G3588 of the G4151 [2spirit G3588   G39 1holy] G3380 not yet G5319 has been made apparent G3588 [7the G3588 9of the G39 10holies G3598 8way G2089 1while still G3588 2the G4413 3first G4633 4tent G2192 5was having G4714 6a position].

Isaiah 63:11

  11 G2532 And G3403 he remembered G2250 [2days G166 1everlasting]; G3588 the G307 bringing up G1537 from G3588 the G1093 land G3588 the G4166 shepherd G3588 of the G4263 sheep. G4226 Where G1510.2.3 is G3588 the one G5087 putting G1722 [4in G1473 5them G3588 1the G4151 3spirit G3588   G39 2holy]?

John 10:7

  7 G2036 [2said G3767 3then G3825 4again G1473 5to them G3588   G* 1Jesus], G281 Amen, G281 amen, G3004 I say G1473 to you G3754 that, G1473 I G1510.2.1 am G3588 the G2374 door G3588 of the G4263 sheep.

John 10:9

  9 G1473 I G1510.2.1 am G3588 the G2374 door; G1223 through G1473 me G1437 if G5100 anyone G1525 should enter, G4982 he shall be delivered, G2532 and G1525 shall enter G2532 and G1831 shall go forth, G2532 and G3542 [2pasture G2147 1shall find].

John 14:6

  6 G3004 [2says G1473 3to him G3588   G* 1Jesus], G1473 I am G1510.2.1   G3588 the G3598 way, G2532 and G3588 the G225 truth, G2532 and G3588 the G2222 life; G3762 no one G2064 comes G4314 to G3588 the G3962 father G1508 unless G1223 through G1473 me.

Acts 7:51-52

  51 G4644 O hard-necked G2532 and G564 uncircumcised G3588   G2588 in heart G2532 and G3588   G3775 ears, G1473 you G104 continually G3588 [2the G4151 4spirit G3588   G39 3holy G496 1rush headlong against]; G5613 as G3588   G3962 your fathers, G1473   G2532 so also G1473 you.
  52 G5100 Which G3588 of the G4396 prophets G3756 [2not G1377 3persecute G3588   G3962 1did your fathers]? G1473   G2532 And G615 they killed G3588 the ones G4293 preannouncing G4012 concerning G3588 the G1660 advent G3588 of the G1342 just one; G3739 of whom G3568 you now G1473   G4273 [2betrayers G2532 3and G5406 4murderers G1096 1have become].

Acts 28:25

  25 G800 And disharmony G1161   G1510.6 being G4314 with G240 one another, G630 they retired G2036 at [2having spoken G3588   G* 1Paul G4487 4discourse G1520 3one], G3754 that, G2573 Well G3588 the G4151 [2spirit G3588   G39 1holy] G2980 spoke G1223 through G* Isaiah G3588 the G4396 prophet G4314 to G3588   G3962 our fathers, G1473  

Galatians 3:8

  8 G4275 [4saw at a distance G1161 1And G3588 2the G1124 3scripture] G3754 that G1537 of G4102 belief G1344 [2justifies G3588 3the G1484 4nations G3588   G2316 1God], G4283 advancing good news G3588   G* to Abraham, G3754 saying that, G2127 [4shall be blessed G1722 5by G1473 6you G3956 1All G3588 2the G1484 3nations].

Ephesians 2:18

  18 G3754 that G1223 through G1473 him G2192 we [2have G3588   G4318 3access G3588   G297 1both] G1722 by G1520 one G4151 spirit G4314 to G3588 the G3962 father.

Hebrews 3:7

  7 G1352 Therefore, G2531 as G3004 [4says G3588 1the G4151 3spirit G3588   G39 2holy], G4594 Today, G1437 if G3588   G5456 [2his voice G1473   G191 1you should hearken to],

Hebrews 4:15-16

  15 G3756 For not G1063   G2192 do we have G749 a chief priest G3361 not G1410 being able G4834 to sympathize G3588 in G769 our weaknesses, G1473   G3985 but one having been tested G1161   G2596 in G3956 all things G2596 according to G3665 our likeness, G5565 separate from G266 sin.
  16 G4334 Let us come forward G3767 then G3326 with G3954 confidence G3588 to the G2362 throne G3588   G5484 of favor, G2443 that G2983 we should receive G1656 mercy, G2532 and G5484 [2favor G2147 1should find] G1519 for G2121 opportune G996 help.

Hebrews 9:3

  3 G3326 and after G1161   G3588 the G1208 second G2665 veil, G4633 a tent, G3588   G3004 being called G39 holy G39 of holies;

Hebrews 10:15

  15 G3140 [5bears witness G1161 1And G1473 6to us G2532 7also G3588 2the G4151 4spirit G3588   G39 3holy]; G3326 for after G3588   G4280 he describes beforehand,

Hebrews 10:19-22

  19 G2192 Having G3767 then, G80 brethren, G3954 confidence G1519 for G3588 the G1529 entrance into G3588 the G39 holies G1722 by G3588 the G129 blood G3588   G* of Jesus,
  20 G3739 which G1457 he dedicated G1473 to us G3598 a way G4372 newly made G2532 and G2198 living, G1223 through G3588 the G2665 veil, G5123 that is to say G3588   G4561 his flesh; G1473  
  21 G2532 and having G2409 [2priest G3173 1a great] G1909 over G3588 the G3624 house G3588   G2316 of God,
  22 G4334 let us draw near G3326 with G228 a true G2588 heart, G1722 in G4136 full assurance G4102 of belief, G4472 [3being sprinkled G3588 1 with G2588 2hearts] G575 from G4893 [2conscience G4190 1a wicked], G2532 and G3068 [3being bathed G3588 1the G4983 2body G5204 5water G2513 4with clean].

2 Peter 1:21

  21 G3756 For not G1063   G2307 by will G444 of man G5342 was [2borne G4218 3at some time or other G4394 1prophecy], G235 but G5259 by G4151 [2spirit G39 1holy] G5342 being borne G2980 [5spoke G3588 1the G39 2holy G2316 4of God G444 3men].

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