Galatians 5:19 Cross References - ABP_Strongs

  19 G5318 [7apparent G1161 1And G1510.2.3 6are G3588 2the G2041 3works G3588 4of the G4561 5flesh]; G3748 which G1510.2.3 are, G3430 adultery, G4202 harlotry, G167 uncleanness, G766 lewdness,

Psalms 17:4

  4 G3588 Concerning the G2041 works G3588   G444 of men, G1223 by G3588 the G3056 words G3588   G5491 of your lips G1473   G1473 I G5442 guarded G3598 [2ways G4642 1hard].

Ezekiel 22:6-13

  6 G2400 Behold, G3588 the ones G860.1 guiding G3624 the house G* of Israel G1538 each G4314 [2with G3588   G4773 3his relatives G1473   G4853.1 1blends together] G1722 against G1473 you, G3704 so as G1632 to shed G129 blood.
  7 G3962 [2father G2532 3and G3384 4mother G2551 1They spoke evil of] G1722 among G1473 you. G2532 And G4314 against G3588 the G4339 foreigner G390 they behaved G1722 with G93 injustice G1722 among G1473 you. G3737 Orphan G2532 and G5503 widow G2616 they tyrannize G1722 among G1473 you.
  8 G2532 And G3588   G39 my holy things G1473   G1847 they treat with contempt, G2532 and G3588   G4521 my Sabbaths G1473   G953 they profaned G1722 among G1473 you.
  9 G435 The men G3027 were robbers G1510.7.6   G1722 among G1473 you, G3704 so that G1632 they shed G129 blood G1722 among G1473 you. G2532 And G1909 [2upon G3588 3the G3735 4mountains to idols G2068 1they were eating] G1519 among G1473 you. G462 [2unholiness G4160 1They committed] G1722 in G3319 your midst. G1473  
  10 G152 [2 the shame G3962 3of the father G601 1They uncovered] G1722 among G1473 you; G2532 and G1722 [3in her G167 4uncleannesses G599.8 2 the woman sitting apart G5013 1they abased] G1722 among G1473 you.
  11 G1538 Each G3588 with the G1135 wife G3588   G4139 of his neighbor G1473   G457.1 acted lawlessly; G2532 and G1538 each G3588   G3565 [2his daughter-in-law G1473   G3392 1defiled] G1722 in G763 impiety; G2532 and G1538 each G3588   G79 [2his sister G1473   G2364 3 the daughter G3588   G3962 4of his father G1473   G5013 1abased] G1722 among G1473 you.
  12 G1435 [2bribes G2983 1They took] G1722 among G1473 you G3704 so that G1632 they should shed G129 blood. G5110 Interest G2532 and G4121.3 usury G2983 they received G1722 among G1473 you; G2532 and G4931 you completed G4930 the consummation G2549 of your evil G1473   G3588   G1722 by G2615.1 tyranny; G1473 [3me G1473 1and G1950 2you forgot], G3004 says G* Adonai G2962 the lord .
  13 G1437 And if G1473   G3960 I should strike G5495 my hand G1473   G4314 against G5495 my hand G1473   G1909 against G3739 the evils which G4931 you have been exhausted G3739 in the things which G4160 you did, G2532 and G1909 against G3588 the G129 blood shed by you G1473   G3588   G1096 being G1722 in G3319 your midst, G1473  

Matthew 15:18-19

  18 G3588 But the things G1161   G1607 going forth G1537 out of G3588 the G4750 mouth G1537 [2from G3588 3the G2588 4heart G1831 1come forth], G2548 and those G2840 defile G3588 the G444 man.
  19 G1537 For from out of G1063   G3588 the G2588 heart G1831 come forth G1261 [2thoughts G4190 1evil], G5408 murders, G3430 adulteries, G4202 harlotries, G2829 frauds, G5577 false witnesses, G988 blasphemies.

Mark 7:21-23

  21 G2081 For from inside G1063   G1537 out of G3588 the G2588 heart G3588   G444 of men G3588   G1261 [3thoughts G3588   G2556 2evil G1607 1goes forth], G3430 adulteries, G4202 harlotries, G5408 murders,
  22 G2829 frauds, G4124 desires for wealth, G4189 wickednesses, G1388 treachery, G766 lewdness, G3788 [2eye G4190 1a wicked], G988 blasphemy, G5243 pride, G877 folly.
  23 G3956 All G3778 these G3588   G4190 evils G2081 from inside G1607 go forth G2532 and G2840 defile G3588 the G444 man.

John 3:6

  6 G3588 The one G1080 being born G1537 of G3588 the G4561 flesh G4561 is flesh; G1510.2.3   G2532 and G3588 the one G1080 being born G1537 of G3588 the G4151 spirit G4151 is spirit. G1510.2.3  

Romans 1:21-32

  21 G1360 Because G1097 having known G3588   G2316 God, G3756 [2not G5613 3as G2316 4God G1392 1they glorified him], G2228 or G2168 gave thanks; G235 but G3154 acted in folly G1722 in G3588   G1261 their thoughts, G1473   G2532 and G4654 [4was darkened G3588   G801 2senseless G1473 1their G2588 3heart].
  22 G5335 Maintaining G1510.1 to be G4680 wise, G3471 they became moronish;
  23 G2532 and G236 they bartered G3588 the G1391 glory G3588 of the G862 incorruptible G2316 God G1722 for G3667 a representation G1504 of an image G5349 of corruptible G444 man, G2532 and G4071 birds, G2532 and G5074 four-footed creatures, G2532 and G2062 reptiles.
  24 G1352 Therefore G2532 also G3860 [2delivered them up G1473   G3588   G2316 1God] G1722 in G3588 the G1939 desires G3588   G2588 of their hearts G1473   G1519 unto G167 uncleanness, G3588   G818 to dishonor G3588   G4983 their bodies G1473   G1722 among G1438 themselves;
  25 G3748 the ones who G3337 changed over G3588 the G225 truth G3588   G2316 of God G1722 in G3588 the G5579 lie, G2532 and G4573 worshiped G2532 and G3000 served G3588 to the G2937 created thing G3844 over G3588 the one G2936 having created it, G3739 who G1510.2.3 is G2128 blessed G1519 into G3588 the G165 eons. G281 Amen.
  26 G1223 On account of G3778 this G3860 [2delivered them up G1473   G3588   G2316 1God] G1519 unto G3806 passions G819 of dishonor. G3739   G5037 For both G1063   G2338 their females G1473   G3337 changed over G3588 the G5446 physical G5540 use G1519 unto G3588 the one G3844 against G5449 nature.
  27 G3668 [3in like manner G5037 2indeed G2532 1And] G3588 the G730 males G863 leaving G3588 the G5446 physical G5540 use G3588 of the G2338 female, G1572 burned away G1722 in G3588   G3715 their lust G1473   G1519 for G240 one another -- G730 males G1722 with G730 males G3588   G808 [2indecency G2716 1manufacturing], G2532 and G3588 [4the G489 5compensation G3739 6which G1163 7was a necessity G3588   G4106 8of their delusion G1473   G1722 2in G1438 3themselves G618 1accepting].
  28 G2532 And G2531 as G3756 they tried not G1381   G3588   G2316 to hold God G2192   G1722 in G1922 full knowledge, G3860 [2delivered them up G1473   G3588   G2316 1God] G1519 unto G96 a debased G3563 mind, G4160 to do G3588 the things G3361 not G2520 fitting;
  29 G4137 being filled G3956 with all G93 unrighteousness, G4202 harlotry, G4189 wickedness, G4124 desire for wealth, G2549 evil, G3324 full G5355 of envy, G5408 murder, G2054 strife, G1388 treachery, G2550 depraved morals, G5588 whisperers,
  30 G2637 speaking vulgarities, G2319 hating God, G5197 insulting, G5244 proud, G213 ostentatious, G2182 devisers G2556 of evils, G1118 to parents G545 resisting persuasion,
  31 G801 senseless, G802 contract-breakers, G794 unaffectionate, G786 hostile, G415 unmerciful;
  32 G3748 the ones who G3588 [2the G1345 3ordinance G3588   G2316 4of God G1921 1recognizing], G3754 (that G3588 the ones G3588   G5108 [2such G4238 1acting G514 4worthy G2288 5of death G1510.2.6 3are]) G3756 not G3440 only G1473 do the same, G4160   G235 but G2532 also G4909 are assenting with G3588 the ones G4238 acting such .

Romans 7:5

  5 G3753 For when G1063   G1510.7.4 we were G1722 in G3588 the G4561 flesh, G3588 the G3804 passions G3588 of the G266 sins, G3588 the ones G1223 through G3588 the G3551 law G1754 exerted energy G1722 in G3588   G3196 our members G1473   G1519 for G3588 the G2592 bearing fruit G3588 to G2288 death.

Romans 7:18

  18 G1492 For I know G1063   G3754 that G3756 there does not G3611 live G1722 in G1473 me G5123 (that is to say G1722 in G3588   G4561 my flesh) G1473   G18 good. G3588 For the G1063   G2309 will G3873 is present with G1473 me, G3588 but the G1161   G2716 manufacturing G3588 the G2570 good G3756 I do not G2147 find.

Romans 7:25

  25 G2168 I give thanks G3588 to G2316 God G1223 because of G* Jesus G5547 Christ G3588   G2962 our Lord. G1473   G686 It is so G3767 then, G1473 I myself G1473   G3588 indeed to the G3303   G3563 mind G1398 serve G3551 the law G2316 of God, G3588 but to the G1161   G4561 flesh G3551 the law G266 of sin.

Romans 8:3

  3 G3588 For the G1063   G102 powerlessness G3588 of the G3551 law G1722 in G3739 which G770 it was weak G1223 through G3588 the G4561 flesh, G3588   G2316 God G3588   G1438 [2his own G5207 3son G3992 1sent forth] G1722 in G3667 the likeness G4561 of flesh G266 of sin, G2532 and G4012 concerning G266 sin G2632 condemned G3588 the G266 sin G1722 in G3588 the G4561 flesh,

Romans 8:5

  5 G3588 For the ones G1063   G2596 [2according to G4561 3flesh G1510.6 1being] G3588 [2the things G3588 3of the G4561 4flesh G5426 1think]; G3588 but the ones G1161   G2596 according to G4151 spirit G3588 think the things G3588 of the G4151 spirit.

Romans 8:9

  9 G1473 But you G1161   G3756 are not G1510.2.5   G1722 in G4561 flesh, G235 but G1722 in G4151 spirit, G1512 if indeed G4151 spirit G2316 of God G3611 lives G1722 in G1473 you. G1487 But if G1161   G5100 anyone G4151 [3spirit G5547 4of Christ G3756 1does not G2192 2have], G3778 this one G3756 is not G1510.2.3   G1473 of him.

Romans 8:13

  13 G1487 For if G1063   G2596 [2according to G4561 3flesh G2198 1you live] G3195 you are about G599 to die. G1487 But if G1161   G4151 in spirit G3588 [2the G4234 3actions G3588 4of the G4983 5body G2289 1you put to death] G2198 you shall live.

1 Corinthians 3:3

  3 G2089 [3still G1063 1For G4559 4fleshly ones G1510.2.5 2you are]. G3699 For where G1063   G1722 among G1473 you G2205 are jealousy G2532 and G2054 strife G2532 and G1370 discord; G3780 [2not G4559 3fleshly ones G1510.2.5 1are you], G2532 and G2596 [2according to G444 3man G4043 1walk]?

1 Corinthians 6:9-10

  9 G2228 Or G3756 do you not G1492 know G3754 that G94 the unjust G932 [3 the kingdom G2316 4of God G3756 1shall not G2816 2inherit]? G3361 Do not G4105 be misled; G3777 neither G4205 fornicators, G3777 nor G1496 idolaters, G3777 nor G3432 adulterers, G3777 nor G3120 soft, G3777 nor G733 homosexuals,
  10 G3777 nor G2812 thieves, G3777 nor G4123 hoarders of wealth, G3777 nor G3183 intoxicated ones, G3756 nor G3060 revilers, G3756 nor G727 predacious G932 [2 the kingdom G2316 3of God G2816 1shall inherit].

1 Corinthians 6:18

  18 G5343 Flee G3588   G4202 harlotry! G3956 Every G265 sin G3739 which G1437 ever G4160 [2should commit G444 1a man G1623 4outside G3588 5of the G4983 6body G1510.2.3 3is], G3588 but the one G1161   G4203 committing harlotry G1519 [2against G3588   G2398 3his own G4983 4body G264 1sins].

2 Corinthians 12:20-21

  20 G5399 For I fear G1063   G3381 perhaps G2064 having come G3756 [3not G3634 4as G2309 5I want G2147 1I should find G1473 2you]; G2504 and I G2147 should be found G1473 by you G3634 such as G3756 you want not; G2309   G3381 lest perhaps G2054 there be strife, G2205 jealousies, G2372 rages, G2052 contentions, G2636 evil speakings, G5587 whisperings, G5450 inflation of minds, G181 commotions;
  21 G3361 lest G3825 again G2064 having come G1473 [2should humble me G5013   G3588   G2316 1my God] G1473   G4314 as to G1473 you, G2532 and G3996 I should mourn G4183 much G3588 of the ones G4258 previously sinning, G2532 and G3361 not G3340 having repented G1909 over G3588 the G167 uncleanness G2532 and G4202 harlotry G2532 and G766 lewdness G3739 which G4238 they practiced.

Galatians 5:13

  13 G1473 For you G1063   G1909 [2unto G1657 3freedom G2564 1were called], G80 brethren; G3440 only G3361 not G3588 the G1657 freedom G1519 in G874 opportunity G3588 in the G4561 flesh; G235 but G1223 through G3588 the G26 love G1398 serve G240 one another!

Galatians 5:17

  17 G3588 For the G1063   G4561 flesh G1937 lusts G2596 against G3588 the G4151 spirit, G3588 and the G1161   G4151 spirit G2596 against G3588 the G4561 flesh; G3778 and these things G1161   G480 are an adversary G240 to one another, G2443 that G3361 not G3739 what G302 ever G2309 you should want G3778 these things G4160 you should do.

Galatians 6:8

  8 G3754 For G3588 the one G4687 sowing G1519 to G3588   G4561 his own flesh, G1438   G1537 of G3588 the G4561 flesh G2325 shall harvest G5356 corruption; G3588 but the one G1161   G4687 sowing G1519 for G3588 the G4151 harvest, G1537 of G3588 the G4151 spirit G2325 shall reap G2222 life G166 eternal.

Ephesians 4:17-19

  17 G3778 This G3767 then G3004 I say G2532 and G3143 testify G1722 in G2962 the Lord, G3371 for you to no longer G1473   G4043 walk G2531 as G2532 also G3588 the G3062 rest G1484 of the nations G4043 walk, G1722 in G3153 the folly G3588   G3563 of their mind, G1473  
  18 G4654 being darkened G3588 in the G1271 mind, G1510.6 being G526 separated from G3588 the G2222 life G3588   G2316 of God, G1223 through G3588 the G52 ignorance G3588   G1510.6 being G1722 in G1473 them, G1223 through G3588 the G4457 callousness G3588   G2588 of their heart; G1473  
  19 G3748 ones who G524 being numbed, G1438 delivered themselves up G3860   G3588 to G766 lewdness, G1519 for G2039 a work G167 of all uncleanness G3956   G1722 in G4124 a desire for wealth.

Ephesians 5:3-6

  3 G4202 And harlotry G1161   G2532 and G3956 all G167 uncleanness G2228 or G4124 desire for wealth G3366 let not G3687 be named G1722 among G1473 you! G2531 as G4241 it is becoming G39 to holy ones;
  4 G2532 and G151 indecency G2532 and G3473 moronish talking, G2228 or G2160 obscene jokes G3588   G3756 not G433 relating -- G235 but G3123 rather G2169 thankfulness.
  5 G3778 For this G1063   G1510.2.5 you are G1097 knowing, G3754 that G3956 every G4205 fornicator, G2228 or G169 unclean, G2228 or G4123 a hoarder of wealth, G3739 who G1510.2.3 is G1496 an idolater, G3756 does not G2192 have G2817 an inheritance G1722 in G3588 the G932 kingdom G3588 of the G5547 Christ G2532 and G2316 of God.
  6 G3367 [2not one G1473 3of you G538 1Let] be deceived G2756 with empty G3056 words! G1223 [2on account of G3778 3these things G1063 1for] G2064 comes G3588 the G3709 wrath G3588   G2316 of God G1909 upon G3588 the G5207 sons G3588   G543 of disobedience.

Colossians 3:5-8

  5 G3499 Deaden G3767 then G3588   G3196 your members! G1473   G3588 the ones G1909 upon G3588 the G1093 earth -- G4202 harlotry, G167 uncleanness, G3806 passion, G1939 [2desire G2556 1evil], G2532 and G3588 the G4124 desire for wealth, G3748 which G1510.2.3 is G1495 idolatry;
  6 G1223 through G3739 which G2064 comes G3588 the G3709 wrath G3588   G2316 of God G1909 upon G3588 the G5207 sons G3588   G543 of disobedience,
  7 G1722 among G3739 whom G2532 also G1473 you G4043 walked G4218 at some time or other, G3753 when G2198 you were living G1722 in G1473 these things .
  8 G3568 But now G1161   G659 put aside, G2532 even G1473 you, G3588   G3956 all G3709 anger, G2372 rage, G2549 evil, G988 blasphemy, G148 obscene talk G1537 from out of G3588   G4750 your mouth! G1473  

1 Timothy 1:9-10

  9 G1492 knowing G3778 this, G3754 that G1342 for the just G3551 the law G3756 is not G2749 situated, G459 but for the lawless G1161   G2532 and G506 unsubmissive ones, G765 impious G2532 and G268 sinners, G462 unholy G2532 and G952 profane, G3964 murderers of one's father G2532 and G3389 murderers of one's mother, G409 manslayers,
  10 G4205 fornicators, G733 homosexuals, G405 slave traders, G5583 liars, G1965 perjurers, G2532 and G1536 if anything G2087 other G3588   G5198 [2to healthy G1319 3instruction G480 1is an adversary],

Titus 3:3

  3 G1510.7.4 For we were G1063   G4218 at some time or other G2532 also G1473 ourselves G453 unthinking, G545 resisting persuasion, G4105 erring, G1398 being a slave G1939 to desires G2532 and G2237 [2satisfactions G4164 1various], G1722 [2in G2549 3evil G2532 4and G5355 5envy G1236 1leading], G4767 odious, G3404 detesting G240 one another.

James 3:14-15

  14 G1487 But if G1161   G2205 [3jealousy G4089 2bitter G2192 1you have] G2532 and G2052 contention G1722 in G3588   G2588 your heart, G3361 do not G2620 glory over G2532 and G5574 lie G2596 against G3588 the G225 truth!
  15 G3756 [2is not G1510.2.3   G3778 1This] G3588 the G4678 wisdom G509 [2from above G2718 1coming down], G235 but G1919 earthly, G5591 physical, G1141 demoniacal.

1 Peter 4:2-4

  2 G1519 to no longer G3588   G3371   G444 [6of men's G1939 7desires G235 8but G2307 9God's will G2316   G3588 2the remaining G954   G1722 4in G4561 5 the flesh G980 1spend G5550 3time].
  3 G713 For sufficient G1473 to us G3588 was the G3928 having passed G5550 time G3588 of the G979 existence G3588 [2the G2307 3will G3588 4of the G1484 5nations G2716 1to have worked], G4198 going G1722 in G766 lewdnesses, G1939 desires, G3632 drunkennesses with wine, G2970 debaucheries, G4224 drinking banquets, G2532 and G111 unlawful G1495 idolatries;
  4 G1722 in G3739 which G3579 they think it strange G3361 [2not G4936 3running together G1473 1your] G1519 in G3588 the G1473 same G3588   G810 [2of carnality G401 1pouring out], G987 being blasphemous;

Revelation 21:8

  8 G3588 But to the G1161   G1169 timid ones, G2532 and G571 unbelieving ones, G2532 and G268 sinful ones, G2532 and G948 ones being abhorrent, G2532 and G5406 murderers, G2532 and G4205 fornicators, G2532 and G5333 dealers in potions, G2532 and G1496 idolaters, G2532 and G3956 to all G3588 the G5571 liars, G3588   G3313 their part G1473   G1722 is in G3588 the G3041 lake G3588   G2545 burning G4442 with fire G2532 and G2303 sulphur, G3739 which G1510.2.3 is G3588 the G2288 [2death G3588   G1208 1second].

Revelation 22:15

  15 G1854 Outside G3588 are the G2965 dogs, G2532 and G3588 the G5333 administers of potions, G2532 and G3588 the G4205 fornicators, G2532 and G3588 the G5406 murderers, G2532 and G3588 the G1496 idolaters, G2532 and G3956 every one G5368 being fond of G2532 and G4160 committing G5579 a lie.

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