1 Chronicles 5:21 Cross References - ABP_Strongs

  21 G2532 And G162 they captured G3588   G2934.3 their possessions; G1473   G2574 camels -- G4004 fifty G5505 thousand, G2532 and G4263 sheep -- G1250 two hundred G2532 and G4004 fifty G5505 thousand, G2532 and G3688 donkeys -- G1367 two thousand, G2532 and G5590 lives G444 of men -- G1540 a hundred G5505 thousand.

Numbers 31:35

  35 G2532 And G5590 the souls G444 of people G575 from G3588 the G1135 women G3739 who G3756 did not G1097 know G2845 the marriage-bed G730 of a male, G3956 all G5590 souls -- G1417 two G2532 and G5144 thirty G5505 thousand.

Revelation 18:13

  13 G2532 and G2792 cinnamon, G2532 and G2368 incenses, G2532 and G3464 perfumed liquid, G2532 and G3030 frankincense, G2532 and G3631 wine, G2532 and G1637 olive oil, G2532 and G4585 fine flour, G2532 and G4621 grain, G2532 and G2934 cattle, G2532 and G4263 sheep, G2532 and G2462 horses, G2532 and G4480 coaches, G2532 and G4983 bodies, G2532 and G5590 souls G444 of men.

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