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Genesis 30:13 will call me blessed: H833 H8765
Job 29:11 me, then it blessed H833 H8762
Psalms 41:2 and he shall be blessed H833 H8795
Psalms 72:17 shall call him blessed. H833 H8762
Proverbs 3:18 upon her: and happy H833 H8794
Proverbs 4:14 and go H833 H8762
Proverbs 9:6 and go H833 H8798
Proverbs 23:19 and guide H833 H8761
Proverbs 31:28 and call her blessed; H833 H8762
Song of Songs 6:9 her, and blessed H833 H8762
Isaiah 1:17 relieve H833 H8761
Isaiah 3:12 they who lead H833 H8764
Isaiah 9:16 For the leaders H833 H8764
Isaiah 9:16 and they that are led H833 H8794
Malachi 3:12 shall call you blessed: H833 H8765
Malachi 3:15 And now we call H833
Malachi 3:15 happy; H833 H8764

Distinct usage

2 and go
1 will call me blessed:
1 me, then it blessed
1 and he shall be blessed
1 upon her: and happy
1 and guide
1 her, and blessed
1 relieve
1 shall call you blessed:
1 And now we call
1 happy;
1 they who lead
1 For the leaders
1 and they that are led
1 shall call him blessed.
1 and call her blessed;