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Job 5:5 swalloweth up H7602 H8804
Job 7:2 earnestly desireth H7602 H8799
Job 36:20 Desire H7602 H8799
Psalms 56:1 would swallow me up; H7602 H8804
Psalms 56:2 would swallow me up H7602 H8804
Psalms 57:3 of him that would swallow me up. H7602 H8802
Psalms 119:131 and panted: H7602 H8799
Ecclesiastes 1:5 and hasteth H7602 H8802
Isaiah 42:14 and gasp H7602 H8799
Jeremiah 2:24 that snuffeth up H7602 H8804
Jeremiah 14:6 they snuffed up H7602 H8804
Ezekiel 36:3 and swallowed you up H7602 H8800
Amos 2:7 That pant H7602 H8802
Amos 8:4 this, O ye that swallow up H7602 H8802

Distinct usage

1 swalloweth up
1 earnestly desireth
1 Desire
1 and panted:
1 and hasteth
1 that snuffeth up
1 they snuffed up
1 this, O ye that swallow up
1 and gasp
1 and swallowed you up
1 That pant
1 of him that would swallow me up.
1 would swallow me up;
1 would swallow me up