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Exodus 28:4 and a waistband: H73
Exodus 28:39 the waistband H73
Exodus 28:40 for them waistbands, H73
Exodus 29:9 them with waistbands, H73
Exodus 39:29 And a waistband H73
Leviticus 8:7 him with the waistband, H73
Leviticus 8:13 them with waistbands, H73
Leviticus 16:4 waistband, H73
Isaiah 22:21 him with thy belt, H73

Distinct usage

2 them with waistbands,
1 and a waistband:
1 the waistband
1 for them waistbands,
1 And a waistband
1 him with the waistband,
1 waistband,
1 him with thy belt,