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Ezra 4:18 read H7123 H8752
Ezra 4:23 was read H7123 H8752
Daniel 3:4 called H7123 H8751
Daniel 4:14 He called H7123 H8751
Daniel 5:7 called H7123 H8748
Daniel 5:7 shall read H7123 H8751
Daniel 5:8 read H7123 H8749
Daniel 5:12 be called, H7123 H8729
Daniel 5:15 me, that they should read H7123 H8748
Daniel 5:16 read H7123 H8749
Daniel 5:17 I will read H7123 H8748

Distinct usage

3 read
2 called
1 be called,
1 me, that they should read
1 I will read
1 He called
1 shall read
1 was read