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Genesis 40:2 was furious H7107 H8799
Genesis 41:10 was furious H7107 H8804
Exodus 16:20 was angry H7107 H8799
Leviticus 10:6 and lest wrath H7107 H8799
Leviticus 10:16 and he was angry H7107 H8799
Numbers 16:22 and wilt thou be angry H7107 H8799
Numbers 31:14 was angry H7107 H8799
Deuteronomy 1:34 and was angry, H7107 H8799
Deuteronomy 9:7 to wrath H7107 H8689
Deuteronomy 9:8 ye provoked H7107
Deuteronomy 9:8 to wrath, H7107 H8689
Deuteronomy 9:19 was angry H7107 H8804
Deuteronomy 9:22 to wrath. H7107 H8688
Joshua 22:18 he will be angry H7107 H8799
1 Samuel 29:4 were angry H7107 H8799
2 Kings 5:11 was furious, H7107 H8799
2 Kings 13:19 was angry H7107 H8799
Esther 1:12 angry, H7107 H8799
Esther 2:21 were angry, H7107 H8804
Psalms 106:32 They angered H7107 H8686
Ecclesiastes 5:6 be angry H7107 H8799
Isaiah 8:21 they shall be enraged, H7107 H8694
Isaiah 47:6 I was angry H7107 H8804
Isaiah 54:9 that I will not be angry H7107 H8800
Isaiah 57:16 angry: H7107 H8799
Isaiah 57:17 I was angry, H7107 H8804
Isaiah 57:17 myself, and was angry, H7107 H8799
Isaiah 64:5 behold, thou art angry; H7107 H8804
Isaiah 64:9 Be not very angry, H7107 H8799 H3966
Jeremiah 37:15 were angry H7107 H8799
Lamentations 5:22 angry H7107 H8804
Zechariah 1:2 angry H7107 H8804
Zechariah 1:15 angry H7107 H8804
Zechariah 1:15 displeased, H7107 H8802
Zechariah 8:14 provoked me to wrath, H7107 H8687

Distinct usage

4 was angry
3 angry
2 was furious
2 were angry
1 and he was angry
1 and was angry,
1 to wrath
1 to wrath.
1 was furious,
1 angry,
1 were angry,
1 They angered
1 they shall be enraged,
1 behold, thou art angry;
1 and lest wrath
1 and wilt thou be angry
1 he will be angry
1 ye provoked
1 to wrath,
1 angry:
1 be angry
1 I was angry
1 I was angry,
1 myself, and was angry,
1 Be not very angry,
1 displeased,
1 that I will not be angry
1 provoked me to wrath,