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2 Samuel 1:17 lamented H6969 H8787
2 Samuel 3:33 lamented H6969 H8787
2 Chronicles 35:25 lamented H6969 H8787
Jeremiah 9:17 for the mourning women, H6969 H8789
Ezekiel 27:32 for thee, and lament H6969 H8790
Ezekiel 32:16 which they shall lament H6969 H8790
Ezekiel 32:16 shall lament H6969 H8787
Ezekiel 32:16 her: they shall lament H6969 H8787

Distinct usage

3 lamented
1 for the mourning women,
1 which they shall lament
1 shall lament
1 her: they shall lament
1 for thee, and lament