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Genesis 4:11 which hath opened H6475 H8804
Numbers 16:30 shall open H6475 H8804
Deuteronomy 11:6 opened H6475 H8804
Judges 11:35 me: for I have opened H6475 H8804
Judges 11:36 if thou hast opened H6475 H8804
Job 35:16 open H6475 H8799
Psalms 22:13 They gaped H6475 H8804
Psalms 66:14 have uttered, H6475 H8804
Psalms 144:7 rid H6475 H8798
Psalms 144:10 who delivereth H6475 H8802
Psalms 144:11 Rid H6475 H8798
Isaiah 10:14 or opened H6475 H8802
Lamentations 2:16 have opened H6475 H8804
Lamentations 3:46 have opened H6475 H8804
Ezekiel 2:8 open H6475 H8798

Distinct usage

2 open
2 rid
2 have opened
1 opened
1 me: for I have opened
1 if thou hast opened
1 They gaped
1 have uttered,
1 who delivereth
1 or opened
1 which hath opened
1 shall open

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