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Job 28:17 of fine gold. H6337
Psalms 19:10 fine gold: H6337
Psalms 21:3 of pure gold H6337
Psalms 119:127 yea, above fine gold. H6337
Proverbs 8:19 yea, than fine gold; H6337
Song of Songs 5:11 fine gold, H6337
Song of Songs 5:15 of fine gold: H6337
Isaiah 13:12 than fine gold; H6337
Lamentations 4:2 to fine gold, H6337

Distinct usage

1 of fine gold.
1 fine gold:
1 of pure gold
1 yea, above fine gold.
1 yea, than fine gold;
1 fine gold,
1 of fine gold:
1 than fine gold;
1 to fine gold,