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Genesis 1:20 that may fly H5774 H8787
Deuteronomy 4:17 that flieth H5774 H8799
Judges 4:21 and weary. H5774 H8799
1 Samuel 14:28 were faint. H5774 H8799
1 Samuel 14:31 faint. H5774 H8799
2 Samuel 21:15 became faint. H5774 H8799
2 Samuel 22:11 and flew: H5774 H8799
Job 5:7 fly H5774 H8800
Job 11:17 thou shalt shine forth, H5774 H8799
Job 20:8 He shall fly away H5774 H8799
Psalms 18:10 and flew: H5774 H8799
Psalms 55:6 for then I would fly away, H5774 H8799
Psalms 90:10 and we fly away. H5774 H8799
Psalms 91:5 that flieth H5774 H8799
Proverbs 23:5 Wilt thou set H5774 H8686 H8675 H5774 H8799
Proverbs 23:5 they fly away H5774 H8799 H8675 H5774 H8687
Proverbs 26:2 by flying, H5774 H8800
Isaiah 6:2 he flew. H5774 H8787
Isaiah 6:6 flew H5774 H8799
Isaiah 11:14 But they shall fly H5774 H8804
Isaiah 14:29 flying H5774 H8789
Isaiah 30:6 and flying H5774 H8789
Isaiah 31:5 flying, H5774 H8802
Isaiah 60:8 Who are these that fly H5774 H8799
Ezekiel 32:10 for thee, when I shall brandish H5774 H8788
Hosea 9:11 shall fly away H5774 H8709
Nahum 3:16 and flieth away. H5774 H8799
Habakkuk 1:8 they shall fly H5774 H8799
Zechariah 5:1 and behold a flying H5774 H8802
Zechariah 5:2 a flying H5774 H8802

Distinct usage

2 and flew:
1 were faint.
1 faint.
1 became faint.
1 fly
1 He shall fly away
1 for then I would fly away,
1 that flieth
1 by flying,
1 he flew.
1 flew
1 flying
1 flying,
1 Who are these that fly
1 for thee, when I shall brandish
1 shall fly away
1 and flieth away.
1 and behold a flying
1 a flying
1 that may fly
1 and weary.
1 and we fly away.
1 But they shall fly
1 that flieth
1 they shall fly
1 and flying
1 Wilt thou set
1 they fly away
1 thou shalt shine forth,