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Numbers 21:8 it upon a pole: H5251
Numbers 21:9 it upon a pole, H5251
Numbers 26:10 and they became a sign. H5251
Psalms 60:4 a banner H5251
Isaiah 5:26 an ensign H5251
Isaiah 11:10 for an ensign H5251
Isaiah 11:12 an ensign H5251
Isaiah 13:2 a banner H5251
Isaiah 18:3 an ensign H5251
Isaiah 30:17 and as an ensign H5251
Isaiah 31:9 of the ensign, H5251
Isaiah 33:23 the sail: H5251
Isaiah 49:22 my standard H5251
Isaiah 62:10 a standard H5251
Jeremiah 4:6 the standard H5251
Jeremiah 4:21 the standard, H5251
Jeremiah 50:2 a standard; H5251
Jeremiah 51:12 the standard H5251
Jeremiah 51:27 a standard H5251
Ezekiel 27:7 to be thy sail; H5251

Distinct usage

3 an ensign
2 a banner
2 a standard
2 the standard
1 it upon a pole:
1 it upon a pole,
1 and they became a sign.
1 for an ensign
1 and as an ensign
1 of the ensign,
1 the sail:
1 a standard;
1 to be thy sail;
1 the standard,
1 my standard