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Psalms 23:2 pastures: H4999
Psalms 65:12 upon the pastures H4999
Psalms 74:20 of the habitations H4999
Psalms 83:12 Let us take to ourselves the houses H4999
Jeremiah 9:10 and for the habitations H4999
Jeremiah 23:10 the pleasant places H4999
Jeremiah 25:37 habitations H4999
Lamentations 2:2 all the habitations H4999
Joel 1:19 the pastures H4999
Joel 1:20 the pastures H4999
Joel 2:22 for the pastures H4999
Amos 1:2 and the habitations H4999

Distinct usage

2 the pastures
1 pastures:
1 upon the pastures
1 Let us take to ourselves the houses
1 and for the habitations
1 the pleasant places
1 and the habitations
1 habitations
1 of the habitations
1 for the pastures
1 all the habitations