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Leviticus 19:4 ye not to idols, H457
Leviticus 26:1 you no idols H457
1 Chronicles 16:26 are idols: H457
Job 13:4 of no value. H457
Psalms 96:5 are idols: H457
Psalms 97:7 themselves of idols: H457
Isaiah 2:8 of idols; H457
Isaiah 2:18 And the idols H457
Isaiah 2:20 his idols H457
Isaiah 2:20 and his idols H457
Isaiah 10:10 of the idols, H457
Isaiah 10:11 and her idols, H457
Isaiah 19:1 and the idols H457
Isaiah 19:3 to the idols, H457
Isaiah 31:7 his idols H457
Isaiah 31:7 and his idols H457
Jeremiah 14:14 and a thing of nought, H457 H8675 H434
Ezekiel 30:13 and I will cause their images H457
Habakkuk 2:18 idols? H457
Zechariah 11:17 to the idle H457

Distinct usage

2 are idols:
2 And the idols
2 his idols
2 and his idols
1 ye not to idols,
1 you no idols
1 of no value.
1 of idols;
1 of the idols,
1 and her idols,
1 and a thing of nought,
1 idols?
1 to the idle
1 to the idols,
1 themselves of idols:
1 and I will cause their images