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Genesis 1:9 and let the dry H3004
Genesis 1:10 the dry H3004
Exodus 4:9 it upon the dry H3004
Exodus 14:16 on dry H3004
Exodus 14:22 upon the dry H3004
Exodus 14:29 upon dry H3004
Exodus 15:19 on dry H3004
Joshua 4:22 on dry land. H3004
Nehemiah 9:11 on the dry land; H3004
Psalms 66:6 into dry H3004
Isaiah 44:3 upon the dry ground: H3004
Jonah 1:9 and the dry H3004
Jonah 1:13 it to the land; H3004
Jonah 2:10 upon the dry H3004

Distinct usage

2 on dry
2 upon the dry
1 and let the dry
1 the dry
1 it upon the dry
1 upon dry
1 on dry land.
1 on the dry land;
1 into dry
1 upon the dry ground:
1 and the dry
1 it to the land;