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2 Samuel 22:43 them as the mire H2916
Job 41:30 upon the mire. H2916
Psalms 18:42 as the dirt H2916
Psalms 40:2 clay, H2916
Psalms 69:14 me out of the mire, H2916
Isaiah 41:25 clay. H2916
Isaiah 57:20 and dirt. H2916
Jeremiah 38:6 but mire: H2916
Jeremiah 38:6 in the mire. H2916
Micah 7:10 as the mire H2916
Nahum 3:14 into clay, H2916
Zechariah 9:3 as the mire H2916
Zechariah 10:5 their enemies in the mire H2916

Distinct usage

2 as the mire
1 them as the mire
1 upon the mire.
1 as the dirt
1 me out of the mire,
1 clay.
1 and dirt.
1 but mire:
1 in the mire.
1 into clay,
1 their enemies in the mire
1 clay,

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