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Psalms 29:9 and maketh H2834 H8799
Isaiah 20:4 uncovered, H2834 H8803
Isaiah 30:14 or to take H2834 H8800
Isaiah 47:2 make bare H2834 H8798
Isaiah 52:10 hath made bare H2834 H8804
Jeremiah 13:26 Therefore will I uncover H2834 H8804
Jeremiah 49:10 bare, H2834 H8804
Ezekiel 4:7 shall be uncovered, H2834 H8803
Joel 1:7 he hath stripped it H2834 H8800
Joel 1:7 bare, H2834 H8804
Haggai 2:16 to draw out H2834 H8800

Distinct usage

2 bare,
1 and maketh
1 uncovered,
1 make bare
1 hath made bare
1 Therefore will I uncover
1 shall be uncovered,
1 he hath stripped it
1 to draw out
1 or to take

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