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Judges 6:6 impoverished H1809 H8735
Job 28:4 they are dried up, H1809 H8804
Psalms 79:8 us: for we are brought H1809
Psalms 79:8 low. H1809 H8804
Psalms 116:6 I was brought low, H1809 H8804
Psalms 142:6 for I am brought H1809
Psalms 142:6 low: H1809 H8804
Proverbs 26:7 are not equal: H1809 H8804
Isaiah 17:4 shall be diminished, H1809 H8735
Isaiah 19:6 shall be emptied H1809 H8804
Isaiah 38:14 fail H1809 H8804

Distinct usage

1 they are dried up,
1 are not equal:
1 shall be diminished,
1 shall be emptied
1 fail
1 us: for we are brought
1 low.
1 impoverished
1 I was brought low,
1 for I am brought
1 low: