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Genesis 2:24 and shall cleave H1692 H8804
Genesis 19:19 should take H1692 H8799
Genesis 31:23 and they overtook H1692 H8686
Genesis 34:3 cleaved H1692 H8799
Numbers 36:7 shall keep H1692 H8799
Numbers 36:9 shall keep H1692 H8799
Deuteronomy 10:20 and to him shalt thou cleave, H1692 H8799
Deuteronomy 11:22 and to cleave H1692 H8800
Deuteronomy 13:4 him, and cleave H1692 H8799
Deuteronomy 13:17 And there shall cleave H1692 H8799
Deuteronomy 28:21 cleave H1692 H8686
Deuteronomy 28:60 and they shall cleave H1692 H8804
Deuteronomy 30:20 and that thou mayest cleave H1692 H8800
Joshua 22:5 and to hold fast H1692 H8800
Joshua 23:8 But hold fast H1692 H8799
Joshua 23:12 and cleave unto H1692 H8804
Judges 18:22 and overtook H1692 H8686
Judges 20:42 overtook H1692 H8689
Judges 20:45 and pursued H1692 H8686
Ruth 1:14 clung H1692 H8804
Ruth 2:8 from here, but cling H1692 H8799
Ruth 2:21 to me also, Thou shalt keep close H1692 H8799
Ruth 2:23 So she kept close H1692 H8799
1 Samuel 14:22 even they also followed hard H1692 H8686
1 Samuel 31:2 followed hard H1692 H8686
2 Samuel 1:6 followed hard H1692 H8689
2 Samuel 20:2 held fast H1692 H8804
2 Samuel 23:10 clung H1692 H8799
1 Kings 11:2 held fast H1692 H8804
2 Kings 3:3 Nevertheless he cleaved H1692 H8804
2 Kings 5:27 shall cleave H1692 H8799
2 Kings 18:6 For he clung H1692 H8799
1 Chronicles 10:2 followed hard H1692 H8686
Job 19:20 cleaveth H1692 H8804
Job 29:10 cleaved H1692 H8804
Job 31:7 hath cleaved H1692 H8804
Job 38:38 cleave fast together? H1692 H8792
Job 41:17 They are joined H1692 H8792
Job 41:23 are joined together: H1692 H8804
Psalms 22:15 cleaveth H1692 H8716
Psalms 44:25 cleaveth H1692 H8804
Psalms 63:8 followeth hard H1692 H8804
Psalms 101:3 it shall not cleave H1692 H8799
Psalms 102:5 cleave H1692 H8804
Psalms 119:25 cleaveth H1692 H8804
Psalms 119:31 I have cleaved H1692 H8804
Psalms 137:6 cleave H1692 H8799
Jeremiah 13:11 cleaveth H1692 H8799
Jeremiah 13:11 so have I caused to cleave H1692 H8689
Jeremiah 42:16 shall follow close H1692 H8799
Lamentations 4:4 cleaveth H1692 H8804
Ezekiel 3:26 cleave H1692 H8686
Ezekiel 29:4 to cleave H1692 H8689
Ezekiel 29:4 shall cleave H1692 H8799

Distinct usage

6 cleaveth
4 cleave
3 followed hard
2 clung
2 held fast
2 cleaved
2 shall keep
2 shall cleave
1 and shall cleave
1 and they overtook
1 and to him shalt thou cleave,
1 and to cleave
1 him, and cleave
1 and they shall cleave
1 But hold fast
1 and pursued
1 to me also, Thou shalt keep close
1 even they also followed hard
1 Nevertheless he cleaved
1 For he clung
1 cleave fast together?
1 They are joined
1 are joined together:
1 I have cleaved
1 so have I caused to cleave
1 and to hold fast
1 followeth hard
1 and that thou mayest cleave
1 So she kept close
1 it shall not cleave
1 and overtook
1 overtook
1 and cleave unto
1 from here, but cling
1 to cleave
1 hath cleaved
1 shall follow close
1 And there shall cleave
1 should take