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1 Samuel 10:23 he was taller H1361 H8799
2 Chronicles 17:6 was lifted up H1361 H8799
2 Chronicles 26:16 was lifted up H1361 H8804
2 Chronicles 32:25 was lifted up: H1361 H8804
2 Chronicles 33:14 and raised it up H1361 H8686
Job 5:7 upward. H1361 H8686
Job 35:5 which are higher H1361 H8804
Job 36:7 and they are exalted. H1361 H8799
Job 39:27 mount up H1361 H8686
Psalms 103:11 is high above H1361 H8800
Psalms 113:5 on high, H1361 H8688
Psalms 131:1 is not haughty, H1361 H8804
Proverbs 17:19 and he that exalteth H1361 H8688
Proverbs 18:12 is haughty, H1361 H8799
Isaiah 3:16 are haughty, H1361 H8804
Isaiah 5:16 shall be exalted H1361 H8799
Isaiah 7:11 or in the height H1361 H8687
Isaiah 52:13 high. H1361 H8804
Isaiah 55:9 are higher H1361 H8804
Isaiah 55:9 higher H1361 H8804
Jeremiah 13:15 be not proud: H1361 H8799
Jeremiah 49:16 as high H1361 H8686
Ezekiel 16:50 And they were haughty, H1361 H8799
Ezekiel 17:24 have exalted H1361 H8689
Ezekiel 19:11 was exalted H1361 H8799
Ezekiel 21:26 exalt H1361 H8687
Ezekiel 28:2 is lifted up, H1361 H8804
Ezekiel 28:5 is lifted up H1361 H8799
Ezekiel 28:17 was lifted up H1361 H8804
Ezekiel 31:5 was exalted H1361 H8804
Ezekiel 31:10 Because thou hast lifted up H1361 H8804
Ezekiel 31:14 exalt H1361 H8799
Obadiah 1:4 Though thou shalt exalt H1361 H8686
Zephaniah 3:11 be haughty H1361 H8800

Distinct usage

3 was lifted up
2 was exalted
2 exalt
1 he was taller
1 and raised it up
1 upward.
1 which are higher
1 and they are exalted.
1 is high above
1 on high,
1 is not haughty,
1 are haughty,
1 shall be exalted
1 or in the height
1 high.
1 are higher
1 higher
1 be not proud:
1 have exalted
1 Though thou shalt exalt
1 and he that exalteth
1 is lifted up
1 And they were haughty,
1 mount up
1 was lifted up:
1 be haughty
1 is haughty,
1 as high
1 is lifted up,
1 Because thou hast lifted up