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Leviticus 14:9 and his eyebrows, H1354 H5869
1 Kings 7:33 and their hubs, H1354
Job 13:12 your bodies H1354
Job 13:12 to bodies H1354
Job 15:26 strong H1354
Psalms 129:3 upon my back: H1354
Ezekiel 1:18 As for their rims, H1354
Ezekiel 1:18 and their rims H1354
Ezekiel 10:12 and their backs, H1354
Ezekiel 16:24 to thee an eminent place, H1354
Ezekiel 16:31 thy eminent place H1354
Ezekiel 16:39 thy eminent place, H1354
Ezekiel 43:13 and this shall be the higher place H1354

Distinct usage

1 and his eyebrows,
1 and their hubs,
1 your bodies
1 to bodies
1 strong
1 upon my back:
1 As for their rims,
1 and their rims
1 to thee an eminent place,
1 thy eminent place
1 thy eminent place,
1 and this shall be the higher place
1 and their backs,