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Matthew 6:8 be ye G3666
Matthew 6:8 like G3666 G5686
Matthew 7:24 I will liken G3666 G5692
Matthew 7:26 shall be likened G3666 G5701
Matthew 11:16 shall I liken G3666 G5692
Matthew 13:24 is likened G3666 G5681
Matthew 18:23 likened G3666 G5681
Matthew 22:2 is like G3666 G5681
Matthew 25:1 be likened G3666 G5701
Mark 4:30 shall we liken G3666 G5661
Luke 7:31 shall I liken G3666 G5692
Luke 13:18 shall I compare G3666 G5692
Luke 13:20 shall I liken G3666 G5692
Acts 14:11 in the likeness G3666 G5685
Romans 9:29 been made like G302 G3666 G5681 G5613
Hebrews 2:17 to be made like G3666 G5683

Distinct usage

3 shall I liken
1 be ye
1 like
1 I will liken
1 shall be likened
1 is likened
1 is like
1 be likened
1 shall we liken
1 shall I compare
1 in the likeness
1 been made like
1 to be made like
1 likened