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Luke 10:11 cleaveth G2853 G5685
Luke 15:15 and joined himself G2853 G5681
Acts 5:13 join himself G2853 G5745
Acts 8:29 join thyself to G2853 G5682
Acts 9:26 to join himself G2853 G5745
Acts 10:28 to keep company, G2853 G5745
Acts 17:34 joined themselves G2853 G5685
Romans 12:9 cleave G2853 G5746
1 Corinthians 6:16 he who is joined G2853 G5746
1 Corinthians 6:17 he that is joined G2853 G5746
Revelation 18:5 have reached G190 G5656 G5625 G2853 G5681

Distinct usage

1 cleaveth
1 join himself
1 join thyself to
1 to join himself
1 joined themselves
1 cleave
1 he who is joined
1 he that is joined
1 have reached
1 and joined himself
1 to keep company,

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