G2390 - new English-Greek & Hebrew Index and Concordance

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Matthew 8:8 shall be healed. G2390 G5701
Matthew 8:13 was healed G2390 G5681
Matthew 13:15 I should heal G2390 G5667
Matthew 15:28 was healed G2390 G5681
Mark 5:29 she was healed G2390 G5769
Luke 4:18 to heal G2390 G5664
Luke 5:17 heal G2390 G5738
Luke 6:17 to be healed G2390 G5683
Luke 6:19 healed G2390 G5711
Luke 7:7 shall be healed. G2390 G5701
Luke 8:47 she was healed G2390 G5681
Luke 9:2 to heal G2390 G5738
Luke 9:11 healed G2390 G5711
Luke 9:42 healed G2390 G5662
Luke 14:4 him, and healed G2390 G5662
Luke 17:15 he was healed, G2390 G5681
Luke 22:51 and healed G2390 G5662
John 4:47 heal G2390 G5667
John 5:13 he that was healed G2390 G5685
John 12:40 I should heal G2390 G5667
Acts 3:11 who was healed G2390 G5685
Acts 9:34 healeth G2390 G5736
Acts 10:38 healing G2390 G5740
Acts 28:8 and healed G2390 G5662
Acts 28:27 I should heal G2390 G5667
Hebrews 12:13 let it G2390
Hebrews 12:13 be healed. G2390 G5686
James 5:16 ye may be healed. G2390 G5686
1 Peter 2:24 ye were healed. G2390 G5681

Distinct usage

3 I should heal
3 healed
2 was healed
2 heal
2 shall be healed.
2 and healed
2 she was healed
2 to heal
1 he was healed,
1 who was healed
1 ye were healed.
1 to be healed
1 healing
1 he that was healed
1 healeth
1 him, and healed
1 ye may be healed.
1 let it
1 be healed.