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Thanks to everyone who participated in the 1611 KJV Contest. There were 15 entries. All the names were typed into a spreadsheat, a random sequence of numbers was generated from and placed in the adjacent column, the entries were sorted according to the random sequence, and a number from was generated which matched the entry number on the spreadsheat. The winner was Gary from “One Monk’s Journey Through Faith” blog.


Thanks again to everyone who participated. Reply in the comments with what Bible you’d like to see given away next month. Any favorite Greek New Testament editions, study Bibles, etc.

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  1. Andrew Suttles December 21, 2010

    Congrats “One Monk’s Journey”!

    Suggestions for future contests:

    1) Septuagint – Brenton perhaps?
    2) The Greek New Testament for Beginning Readers: The Byzantine Greek Text & Verb Parsing
    3) NET/NA27 Diglot

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