To rebuke; rebuke, accusation - Berry's New Testament Synonyms

To rebuke; rebuke, accusation

ἐπιτιμάω, ἐλέγχω; αἰτία, ἔλεγχος.

ἐπιτιμάω means simply to rebuke, in any sense. It may be justly or unjustly, and, if justly, the rebuke may be heeded or it may not. ἐλέγχω on the other hand, means to rebuke with sufficient cause, and also effectually, so as to bring the one rebuked to a confession or at least a conviction of sin. In other words, it means to convince. A similar distinction exists between the nouns αἰτία and ἔλεγχος. αἰτία is an accusation, whether false or true. ἔλεγχος is a charge which is shown to be true, and often is so confessed by the accused. It has both a judicial and a moral meaning.