Sins of the tongue - Berry's New Testament Synonyms

Sins of the tongue

μωρολογία, αἰσχρολογία, εὐτραπελία.

μωρολογία, used only once in the N.T., is foolish talking, but this in the Biblical sense of the word foolish, which implies that it is also sinful. It is conversation which is first insipid, then corrupt. It is random talk, which naturally reveals the vanity and sin of the heart. αἰσχρολογία, also used once, means any kind of disgraceful language, especially abuse of others. In classical Greek it sometimes means distinctively language which leads to lewdness. εὐτραπελία, occurring once, originally meant versatility in conversation. It acquires, however, an unfavorable meaning, since polished, refined conversation has a tendency to become evil in many ways. The word denotes, then, a subtle form of evil-speaking, sinful conversation without the coarseness which frequently accompanies it, but not without its malignity.