Luke 23:18-25

YLT(i) 18 and they cried out—the whole multitude—saying, `Away with this one, and release to us Barabbas,' 19 who had been, because of a certain sedition made in the city, and murder, cast into prison. 20 Pilate again then—wishing to release Jesus—called to them, 21 but they were calling out, saying, `Crucify, crucify him.' 22 And he a third time said unto them, `Why, what evil did he? no cause of death did I find in him; having chastised him, then, I will release him .' 23 And they were pressing with loud voices asking him to be crucified, and their voices, and those of the chief priests, were prevailing, 24 and Pilate gave judgment for their request being done, 25 and he released him who because of sedition and murder hath been cast into the prison, whom they were asking, and Jesus he gave up to their will.