Job 2:3-6

YLT(i) 3 And Jehovah saith unto the Adversary, `Hast thou set thy heart unto My servant Job because there is none like him in the land, a man perfect and upright, fearing God and turning aside from evil? and still he is keeping hold on his integrity, and thou dost move Me against him to swallow him up for nought!' 4 And the Adversary answereth Jehovah and saith, `A skin for a skin, and all that a man hath he doth give for his life. 5 Yet, put forth, I pray Thee, Thy hand, and strike unto his bone and unto his flesh—if not: unto Thy face he doth bless Thee!' 6 And Jehovah saith unto the Adversary, `Lo, he is in thy hand; only his life take care of.'