Hebrews 4:3-9

YLT(i) 3 for we do enter into the rest—we who did believe, as He said, `So I sware in My anger, If they shall enter into My rest—;' and yet the works were done from the foundation of the world, 4 for He spake in a certain place concerning the seventh day thus: `And God did rest in the seventh day from all His works;' 5 and in this place again, `If they shall enter into My rest—;' 6 since then, it remaineth for certain to enter into it, and those who did first hear good news entered not in because of unbelief— 7 again He doth limit a certain day, `To-day,' (in David saying, after so long a time,) as it hath been said, `To-day, if His voice ye may hear, ye may not harden your hearts,' 8 for if Joshua had given them rest, He would not concerning another day have spoken after these things; 9 there doth remain, then, a sabbatic rest to the people of God,