Ezekiel 17:16-20

YLT(i) 16 I live—an affirmation of the Lord Jehovah, Doth he not—in the place of the king who is causing him to reign, Whose oath he hath despised, And whose covenant he hath broken, With him—in the midst of Babylon—die? 17 And not with a great force, and with a numerous assembly, Doth Pharaoh maintain him in battle, By pouring out a mount, and in building a fortification, To cut off many souls. 18 And he despised the oath—to break covenant, And lo, he hath given his hand, And all these he hath done, he escapeth not. 19 Therefore, thus said the Lord Jehovah: I live—Mine oath that he hath despised, And My covenant that he hath broken, Have I not put it on his head? 20 And I have spread out for him My snare, And he hath been caught in My net, And I have brought him in to Babylon, And pleaded with him there his trespass, That he hath trespassed against Me.